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So after reading this -


(summary - people got stuck on a sky-tram thing and are suing for $10 million, yeah) I thought I could inquire here about rides at zoos I may not be aware of.

I'm a big fan of skyways and trains and generally anything in parks that move people from one place to another and I hate it when parks do away with these sorts of things, but it seems like a lot of zoos have them, too. Along maybe with other rides, of course.

My experience is limited but I remember the Cincinnati Zoo's train was pretty cool but I was really young since my last visit so that may be skewing my memory. I also think I really liked the San Diego Zoo's skyride, too. Very scenic. I know Louisville Zoo has a train but I don't remember much about it.

Anyway, tell me about rides at zoos.

indy zoo has a coaster


columbus zoo has rides too


fort wayne http://www.kidszoo.org/rides.htm

deer park http://www.deerforest.com/new/index.html

here's a few more

hope it helps

The Philadelhia Zoo used to have a monorail. It was great but they took it down because it has a lot of problems. They now have a balloon ride, I never tried it because it is very expensive.
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The Dallas Zoo has a monorail.

St.Louis Zoo and the KC Zoo both have trains, carousels and motion simulators.

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Miami MetroZoo has a monorail....well, had one before Wilma. It was one of the funky older-style ones, not unlike what used to run at Geauga...
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The St. Louis Zoo is awesome and I didn't even remember they had a train.
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I don't think roller coasters have any place in zoos. I dunno, call me a traditionalist. The little electric train in a zoo is fine I suppose. I thought the boat ride at the Columbus Zoo was actually very cool, and worth the extra dollar.

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The Omaha Zoo has a shuttle system, a scenic railroad that takes you around the zoo, a carousel, I think they have some simulators too.

My favorite attraction however is the Koi Pond.

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The San Diego Wild Animal Park had a monorail, which they have removed. They replaced it with a fleet of Chance Tramstars that traverse a much truncated route. They also have a Chance Endangered Species Carousel with the faux thatched roof and scenery, IMHO other than the figures it's fugly. Then there is the tethered helium balloon ride over the park.
The Zoo itself (in Balboa Park ) has the skyway, double decker bus tour, and outside the gate the miniature train ride. The latter is one of the Swope Railways installations dating back to the late 1940's, still running with the Minature Railroad Co. trains. By the way all of the aforementioned attractions are upcharges.
Also just outside the gate is a 1910 Herschell-Spillman three abreast menagerie carousel, which is privately owned. It only operates (per it's lease with the city) on weekends and when the city schools are out of session. *** Edited 7/13/2008 5:54:49 PM UTC by Dutchman***
Most zoos tend to have a few kiddy style rides. Chance CP Huntington train, a carousel, and maybe a small kiddy ferris wheel. Some of the larger zoos tend to have true transportation rides (i.e. skyways, monorails, etc.) It just depe4nds on the area. Being familiar with Cleveland zoo, I seem to only recall the train. But Toledo zoo has the train and carousel. Milwaukee zoo has a skyway, train, ferris wheel, and carousel.
Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, Mass. is currently building a skyride that will open the last week of July.

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Just went to the Indy Zoo last week and had a blast...what an amazing zoo! And the Kombo coaster was a decent little ride for a family coaster. They just added a new train recently, and though we didn't ride it, it did look pretty cool. The zoo was super clean, and well run.

Ft. Wayne Zoo is building a new ski lift-type ride that will open next season. It will go over the African-themed section, yes, you'll be able to ride right over the animals in the fields. Sounds pretty cool.

Jacksonville Zoo (FL) use to have an assortment of kiddie rides. They had a small Miler coaster, which happened to be my very first coaster.....wayyyy back in the early 60's. :)
Scared me to death!
Edit: I just went to the zoo's website and they still have that old miniature train that encircles the zoo. I still have a fondness for those small trains.
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St. Louis Zoo is amazzzzzzzzzzing. Plus, it's free so it makes it even more enjoyable. The train is a nice ride too, even though it's so small. lol
I had a chance to visit the Toledo Zoo (Who knew Toledo had a world-class zoo!) and had a BLAST in 2005. They had a train that took you around one of the new exhibits, and two carousels.

If you ever have the chance, check it out. I did it in 2005 when I worked at CP.

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If amusement parks can feature petting zoos, animal sanctuaries and wildlife tours, zoos ought to be able to have a coaster if they want.

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I think Seaworld would agree. ;)

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I think zoos and amusement parks go hand in hand. Most parks have some animals and most zoos have a few rides.

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