Rides already being dismantled at geauga lake.

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Here are some shots of the rides (dominator and thunderhawk) being dismantled.


what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

wow, it really sucks watching the coasters a your home park be torn down and taken away. I was there on closing day and I definitely would have ridden it more than twice had I known for sure it was leaving the park. Heck, I'd ridden every thing a lot more had I known that it was closing day...forever. :-(
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Your a few days late. People have been discussing these pictures and more here since last week.

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^Well, he just looked at Screamscape today.
Well now that it's official that Thunderhawk is going to MIA it should only be a matter of time till KD announces that Dominator will be coming for 2008.
Where in the world did you uncover that little nugget of info? ;)
I'm very impressed with how fast Cedar Fair was able to get all this done! A week and a half ago, they decided to close down Geauga Lake and in this short time they were able to hire a contractor to disassemble Thunderhawk and begin packing it up. While up in Michigan they were able to survey the land, obtain all the neccessary permits and hire a contractor to assemble the ride on MIA property. I bet that would take any other company months or even a year to plan all this activity. That is frigging amazing!

Goodluck MIA, with your "New" suspended coaster!

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I can't argue with you on how long it takes a company to find a crane, or file paperwork at town hall, because, well, obviously you know. So, I'll have to agree with you that the removal of a ride is directly connected to the closing of the entire park. After all, X-Flight was removed and then Geauga Lake ended up being closed for the entire 2007 season.

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Those two coasters were leaving whether the park closed or not. I think most people understand that. I think that decision happened months ago (maybe even during the run up to the purchase) while the park closure was likely something determinted in the last 12 weeks or so.
^ I never saw any official statement to that effect from the company (that two coasters were being removed). Unless a rumor on Screamscape and a thread in this forum are considered official Cedar Fair correspondence. Do you have a source for that, wahoo?
Maybe the deconstruction company was already hired for the Dominator/Serial Thillerhawk project around mid-summer. That being said, maybe they were also told there may be more work heading their way depending on some variables.

Just speculating as we'll never know for sure. Heavy equipment companies like advanced notice, but then again, given the economy around here, they could probably get a crew together with a few dozen phone calls. *** Edited 10/2/2007 6:00:11 PM UTC by FLYINGSCOOTER***

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villiageidiot said:
You really think it is as simple as that?

I don't know. Seems as realistic as the moon landing.

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Just speculating as we'll never know for sure.

Doesn't anybody read the facts here anymore? We DO know for sure. Numerous times it has been stated that the decision to close Geauga Lake was not made until the week after the park closed. There are no conspiracy theories, no underhanded dealings... Cedar Fair was upfront and open about everything.

Ray P. (who is just not in a good mood today at all)

Yeah, they were so upfront about everything that was going to happen. ;) Just like when SF told everyone that they were going to closed AstroWorld, it gave people a chance to visit the park one last time. CF didn't do that for the people that loved Geauga Lake.

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^They are two very different companies with different ways of doing business,the SFAW fanboys who lost their park didn't make half as much of a stink about it as the GL fanboys are.....sure they were upset but not to the point where they were making up bizarre conspiracy theories as a means of venting their frustrations.

We all knew about the rumors of both thunderhawk & dominator being removed for at least a month prior tothe announcement about GL's closure of the rides side & there was plenty of speculation as to where the two rides would end up & now that one of those rides has ended up being officially announced for the park it had been rumored to go to there's a very good chance that dominator will end up at KD as rumored as well....especially given the fa ct that in recent weeks markers have begun showing up in the exact area where the ride has been said to be constructed.

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