Ride_Op Coaster Productions unleashes Vampyre Bat for NoLimits

Posted Wednesday, November 28, 2001 5:56 AM | Contributed by Ride_Op

After a lot of painful support placement I've finally finished my latest coaster, Vampyre Bat, a custom traveling inverted coaster featuring 5 inversions and lots of twists and turns. It should be making the rounds at your local fairs soon! Click below for screenshots and to download.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001 7:16 AM
Looks intense!

"It's always great for us to put the newest and the best rides into the roller coaster capitol of the world" Sandor Kernacs 11/20/01

Wednesday, November 28, 2001 8:36 AM
Mother of pearl, Ride Op... your designs are amazing!
Wednesday, November 28, 2001 9:33 AM
Hey, uhhhh, Ride Op...could you try to submit these coasters to actual companies?  I wanna ride that thing!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2001 10:19 AM
Thanks guys! 

Coaster131:  I keep hoping that Walter or Claude or Sandor or someone would notice my site and hire me.  But the odds of that happening are slim to none since I don't have the engineering skills necessary for this kind of job.  But hey, I can dream can't I?


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Wednesday, November 28, 2001 1:02 PM
I was just thinking that ride_Op. That is The Coolest coaster i have ever seen !!! I am Serious too !!!!

I have got to get No Limits soon !!!

Thursday, November 29, 2001 7:24 AM
Ride_Op, I see that you entered that coaster in the portable coaster contest at coastergames.net. Hmmm... I wonder who's gonna win that? I must admit, it inspired me to actually enter that contest. I'll at least try to give you a run for your money.

"X" marks the spot in 2001!

Thursday, November 29, 2001 7:27 AM
And here I'm spending all of my time recreating real rides! :)

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