Ride tolerance decreasing with age.. Anyone else?

I will turn 69 years old next week. A recent trip to Wonderland in Amarillo sadly demonstrated that my aging body is not tolerating roller coasters very well. For the first time I rode the classic Miler Cyclone (Wild Mouse). It left me with a bruise under my arm. I rode the Mouse Trap and Texas Tornado. I think fear of muscular injury lessened the thrill. On the TT I didn't know what to do with my head during the loops. While riding is more challenging I still enjoy visiting amusement parks and carnivals and reading about them.

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I just hit 30 but this started to become an issue for me about 4 years ago out of no where. I ignored it for a while until I hit a few coasters back to back at Dollywood and I realized I just don’t have it like I used to :(

Dramamine doesn’t work that well for me but I was given Medique brand Medi-Meclizine on a cruise & it worked so well I ordered a bunch online and I take one every time I go to the parks now. It doesn’t make me tired or anything, I can’t even tell I took it! Highly recommend if anyone finds the Dramamine isn’t working well for them :)

I started noticing problems with spinning rides probably around age 35. I took Dramamine and ginger and it helped somewhat. As time went on, coasters with heavy positive Gs, started bothering me a little. Last year, I bought an Emeterm band. In layman terms, it's a band you wear on your wrist and it sends impluses to your brain to trick it to think everything is ok. I wore it to Coastermania and it worked. It has 5 settings with the impulse getting higher so you can adjust it. I used it on the lowest setting. I did have to bump it up a notch mid-ride on Valravn. I let a friend try it on SV and Maverick. She has literally completely passed out on El Toro in the past. Again the band worked. She didn't have any problem on either ride. ReliefBand also makes one. Emeterm is less expensive.

53 and still going strong. Was at kings island today, and having not ridden a coaster in over 1.5 years I was wondering how my body would react. Happy to report I still have my coaster mojo.

Went to Magic mountain yesterday and survived. Rode goldrusher, superman, ninja, viper, full throttle, goliath, twisted colossus and west coast racers all back to back

The only minor setback was at viper, after the 3rd vertical loop, i was thinking, oh boy, can't wait for it to end. I got dizzy but not nauseous.

Is the riddler more intense/nausea inducing than viper?

Viper > Riddler's Revenger > Rip Ride Rockit

Many people have the opinion that Riddler's Revenge at Magic Mountain is one of the better B&M stand up coasters. My single ride on it 7+ years ago was bad. And it sucked.

Bad in what sense? What i meant to ask is that if my stomach handled viper, will it handle riddlers too?

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It’s a rattly mess. It’s not really much fun, either. Oh and it’s a standup which was fun for a decade, novel for a decade, uncomfortable for a decade, but now is just sad.

Riddler’s ~= Rip Ride n’ Rockit

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CoasterFan1504 said:

Bad in what sense? What i meant to ask is that if my stomach handled viper, will it handle riddlers too?

Bad in the sense that it'll beat your head to a pulp. The headbanging was so bad I don't even know if it made me queasy.

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