Ride Report: El Toro, since I only went to ride it.

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Ok since I made a stop after work yesterday at GAdv for one ride and one ride only I can't really do a trip report so I will call it a Ride Report. I had a couple hours to kill between work and dinner and I was working in the area of GAdv. So on my way home I popped in.

I walk over to El Toro and notice a long line. I was told it would be about 1 hour and 45 mintues. Well there went my hopes for multiple rides. So this would be a one lap stop and I wanted that lap to be a good one so I decide I will head to the back of the train for my lap. After an hour and 20 or 30 mintues of H*LL DJ (they moved him over here from Nitro by the way). I get let into the station and find short lines for any row but the front. I head to the back of the train and get in the last row queue. This is when I find a messed up thing. People with exit pass access are coming up and not listening to where the ops are telling them to go (they can't ride in the last car or the front car it seems). This adds to the time for the ops to open the airgates and let the rest of the riders in then they go and lower each row's lapbars. That is definitely a painfully slow process.

I get seated in the back row and pull the seatbelt tight. Then the ride op comes back and to my shock he didn't staple me. Bar against my lap yes but any extra pressure no. Out we go and up the lift. What a fast fun lift hill that cable lift is a great idea. Round the corner and my ride partner had warned me but I didn't think this would be true BANG I float down the whole drop and slide into my seat at the bottom. AIR HEAVEN! Followed by two hills of exactly the same air level. Round the turn around and I think Dang that turn around would be way cooler at 90 degree bank and the slight drop with it. Oh well. Back the run towards the station with some little air floats and then WOW we cross over Rolling Thunder to a huge air pop. Some nice low curves that another one could have been better with increasing banking to 90 but hey it still a fun area. The BAH we hit some brakes it seems and the ride fizzles to an end.

Great addition to GAdv but I am going to have to say after riding The Voyage, that El Toro will fall short of The Voyage in any poll I do.

Watch the tram car please....

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