Ride Recreations!

i've been doing some really well done ride recreations recently and i've so far finished three.

Batman: The Ride
Batman: The Escape
and Mr. Freeze: Coolest Coaster on the Planet

you can find them in the track exchange or you can watch the videos here

Batman: The Ride - based on the one from Six Flags Over Texas

Batman: The Escape - was at Six Flags Astroworld


Mr. Freeze: Coolest Coaster on the Planet - based on the one from Six Flags Over Texas



let me know what you guys think

the next three are already in the works.
Batwing - Six Flags America
Superman Krypton Coaster - Six Flags Fiesta Texas (my #1 favorite coaster)
Superman Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Great America

i'm doing only the ones i've ridden as i feel i can do some justice to them as i go for more of the feel of actually riding it while also keeping to its true look and nature. custom supports are sometimes changed so that the ride experienced with really bad 'head choppin' effect.

after these three i have a list of others. if you want to know what rides i've done and would like to see me do them check out my ridelist here


just one thing do not ask me to do Disney... i probably cannot even come close to matching the theming.


you want to download these? go to this page!

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"Think of all money we'll save on Churro Filling!" - Gonch
say what?

"Think of all money we'll save on Churro Filling!" - Gonch
They look quite good and its good to see some activity in the RCT area.

Hi.....whats your name again?

Well here is another update



Batwing, the Vekoma flying dutchman c... Batwing, the Vekoma flying dutchman coaster at Six Flags America. perhaps the best flying coaster i have ridden to date. very fun ride.

this ride opened in 2001 at Six Flags America.



My homepark's newest coaster
Renegade at Valleyfair!

Superman Krypton Coaster


This is by far my favorite roller coaster i've ridden, its got the height, uses the terrain, its got inversions, the tallest loop in the world in fact!. It is a B&M coaster, its got speed at 70mph, tons of air time and smooth as a babe's bottom.

Ladies and Gentlemen i give you Superman Krypton Coaster! of Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio!

Superman Ultimate Flight


Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great America!

A B&M Flying coaster that gives people the sensation of soaring through the sky like the boy blue wonder!



Next three are

Serial Thriller - (an SLC) - SFAW
Superman: Ride of Steel - SFA
Top Thrill Dragster - CP

you can download them at this site. i have to resend Mr. Freeze and Batman the Ride so that they are in saved games, but they are there as saved tracks for RCT3


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These are awesome, considering you have to use snap-together piecing in RCT. Very good recreations. I don't have RCT3 (I'm a RCT2 fan) but I watched the Youtube videos. Very cool.

If you think things can't get worse it's probably because you lack sufficient imagination.

Got a new one up

Serial Thriller at Six Flags Astro world.


this is my recreation of the SLC that we see at multiple parks, i've ridden 3 of them Serial Thriller at Six Flags Astroworld, Mind Eraser at Six Flags America and Suspended Coaster at Dream Park in Egypt.

I decided to go with Astroworld to honor my old home park with a ride that did suck too bad...heh


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I have a new RCT3 recreation. The Dark Knight coaster at Six Flags Great America.

here's the video:
and here's where you can download:


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I have recently made a few new videos.

Excalibur from Valleyfair


Mad Mouse from Valleyfair


Corkscrew from Valleyfair


since then, if i get some inspiration - i've been trying to be more creative.

X2 from Six Flags Magic Mountain


Mantis from Cedar Point


I notice i have a lot of hits on this thread, so if anyone cares - and i'm not wasting my breath. I'd like to see if people do like these videos.

thanks - peace out.

"Think of all money we'll save on Churro Filling!" - Gonch
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Very well done my friend!

The Superman the escape at SFFT is great. I remember rideing it this year

Also the batman if you change the colors its the same one as SFMM

Lets see you do Maverick From Cedar Point...

cool recreation

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I mainly play RCT2. I have recreations of a few rides.

Shivering Timbers. I think I have it pretty accurate. The only problem is ST is so long that it won't fit in very many of the pre-built parks.

Batman The Ride: It's very similar to the actual ride, except for the very last turn into the station. It's very hard to get the track to do what it should.

Raptor: Strange thing with this one. When I build it in the coaster designer it has a low intensity. But, when I place the same design into a park, the intensity level goes up, and the peeps won't ride it. But, it seems to depend on which park I place it in.

Mantis: This was the most difficult to recreate. But I found that raising the station and allowing the tack from the Diving loop to go under the station it made it fairly similar, that and the incline loop, impossible to create a perfect version of that. But, My mantis coasters always end up being guests favorite ride. Even in a park with 37 coasters.

Sorry I don't have any screen shots to show you. I wish I could.

I also have a beast coaster in My Magic Mountain park that I am very pleased with. It's also over 7,000 feet long.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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