Ride parts stolen from Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World

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According to an incident report, an employee doing inventory in a storage shed on Oct. 1 noticed a set of sails was missing from the Peter Pan ride. Later that afternoon the employee realized that a "shell" and three seats from Space Mountain were also missing.

Read more from WESH/Orlando.

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I don't get any part of this: the person that steals it and sells it or, even worse, the person that creates the market for this by buying it. To paraphrase a line from an episode of The West Wing: that's not being a fan. That's having a fetish.

It’s not that rare. Kennywood auctioned of two Log Jammer boats (proceeds to GKTW) and one went for $5K and another for $10K.

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I'm not sure what being rare has to do with anything.

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It's more of a "Having something that no one else has." Most of the time these people have to hide these items, for fear of someone turning them in for receiving stolen items. There are quite a few stolen antique carousel horses out there that have never been recovered, not to mention a very large fairground organ in Great Britain that was stolen complete with it's Bedford van. Neither have been recovered.

I think they found that Go Gator, though. So that’s good.

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They made me give it back.

Thanks. I was tired of taking suspicious blame from all of my friends here in Ohio.

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I tried to negotiate for a Dragon Wagon, but I think they recognized the value and desirability greatly exceeds the Go Gator and told me to pound gravy.

Still not sure who "they" are, but they must be coaster nerds, too.

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Did they at least compensate you with bran muffins?

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