Ride of Steel vs Millennium Force restraints

Ok this isn't another "here's my measurements, will I fit?" thread... Instead, it's a comparison question.

My brother and I were at Darien Lake this past weekend as a warm up for Cedar Point next weekend. When we tried to get on Ride of Steel (still competes with FlightDeck as the worst re-name ever) we were amazed at how easy the belts fit. We literally had 4-6" of slack after cinching them down, and could easily fasten the belt without extending it full length. Last time he tried to ride it a few years ago he couldn't buckle the belt (this was his first "modern" coaster). I've never been turned away but it was always a tight fit, and I haven't been to DL the past 3 years. He's lost a bunch of weight, I've lost some weight as well.

Jump 3 states and 5 hours west on I-90 to Cedar Point. I've been to CP many a time. I could ride everything in 2007. Didn't go to the park 2008-2011. In 2012 I was juuuuuust shy of buckling the belt on the test seats for MF and TTD. Last year we went on that ridiculous Columbus Day weekend (told my wife it would be insanely busy but she didn't believe me and who am I to turn down a trip to my favorite place?!?), I didn't even bother trying, instead spent the weekend with my son in the kids areas & Iron Dragon and watched a bunch of shows. My brother has never been to CP.

So here's my question. I know the belts are entirely different style, but how do the belt lengths compare between the Intamin coasters at DL & CP? Does anyone know if DL lengthened the belts on RoS recently? I'm hoping we have a shot to ride the monster coasters at CP! As always thanks in advance for any input!

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Here is a relevant thread on PointBuzz:


Summary: Millennium and Dragster appear to have longer belts this season. Wicked Twister and Magnum appear to have shorter belts.

Cedar Fair seems to re-evaluate their seat belt policy on each ride every year. Some rides have seen belts added then removed. Others the lengths can change for better or worse.

I have no idea what the policy is at Six Flags.

I haven't ridden the Ride of Steel at Darien Lake but I have ridden both the Ride of Steel at Six Flags America and Millennium Force within the last few weeks. The belts on Millennium Force this year are actually slightly more forgiving than the ones on Ride of Steel to the tune of about an inch, maybe an inch and a half.

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