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I recently had my daughter down in Ocean City NJ. She just broke the 36inch mark!! Any who, they have a ride at Castaway Cove called the Scream Machine. It's a Moser Ride 5X5 Spring ride. She rode it and loved it. Rode it over and over again. It's made by Moser Rides.

Friday we were at a local Fun Center and they had the same ride. Except the height requirements were a full 6 inches taller. Both were in the state of NJ. Is the height requirement set by the park, the state, or the insurance company?


The minium height requirement is usually set by the manufacturer. In some instances this is accepted by owners insurance underwriter, and /or the governmental entity that oversees amusement rides. It is not unusual for either of those to bump it up. Also there are states that do not oversee park rides , but do inspect traveling rides There can be differences in what the minimum can be due to this as well. There have been other threads here concerning this issue.

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I started a thread on this very subject a few months back....


I agree, it's not the same accross the board when it comes to heigh requirements. It is something that is hard to explain to a 3 year old.

Check out that thred, there is a lot of info in it.

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