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I've unexpectadly got two weeks between jobs so thinking of popping across the pond for a week and checking out New York after finding a reasonable flight (anyone ever flown Condor?).

I've found more than enough to do in the city, obviously - but the nerd in me thinks a day at a park would be cool - if only to see how parks differ in the US than those in the UK.

I'm thinking I could make Great Adventure work for a day - possibly a Friday looking at their ops calendar. Also, if I'm passing - I wouldn't mind a lap on the Cyclone, of course.

Anyone got any tips or potential perils for me to think about? I'd be getting a bus from NYC, which appears doable also.

Thanks as ever Buzzers,

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I heard there's a great Hotel/Resort just outside of the park...

Sorry. I couldn't resist. I guess I'm a bit jealous. Uber perhaps? Have fun!

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I've heard that the bus from NYC Port Authority to Great Adventure is a pretty good alternative if you have no car. I Think you can get a ticket that includes park admission and the round trip. You might also consider the historic Playland in Rye, also reachable by public transport from NYC. When might you be coming?

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Cheers folks.

I'd be getting to NYC on 10 May, GAdv on 15 May, a spin on Cyclone AM on 16th, fly on the 16th PM, home on the 17th and at my new desk on the 18th!

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The 15th should be a good day for Great Adventure. There will likely be some school trips but they usually leave by 4 - 5 and since the park is open until 8, the park should be empty the last 3 or 4 hours it is open (I don't think lines will be that bad earlier in the day either).

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Thanks YoshiFan! I am now flying home on the 15th, so I have the option of visiting on Sunday 10th or Thursday 14th?

What do you think would work best?

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Sunday the 10th is the first bring a friend free day for passholders which might make it more crowded than a regular Sunday.

The 14th is Performance In The Park for school music groups. That is a new event so I don't know how many schools will be there. In the past that Thursday was Student Council Day which was around 3000 school kids which wasn't that bad since there was basically no one else there so rides were 5 to 10 minute waits. The park is only open until 6.

I would probably pick the 14th if you can get there close to opening so you have enough time to get all the coasters in plus any re-rides that you want.

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Thanks YoshiFan, much obliged! I'll let you know how I get on!

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They have announced that the Ring of Fire media day is on this day, hopefully that doesn't complicate anything =)

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The only thing it might effect is if El Toro opens with the park. The park opens at 10:30 and the media day event is at 11. If they are going to have El Toro closed for the media event because of noise, it could be closed until around 12. I'm not sure if they will even close the coaster for the event, just thinking it might be a possibility.

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Went to Coney Island yesterday - all in all was a nice break from the city, but was itching to get back. Rode cyclone, two of the other coasters and headed back to the Subway, via Subway.

Great Adventure on Thursday :-)

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Hope you have a great time on your trip!

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