Rhino Rally reride

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Monday, August 6, 2001 7:42 AM
I rode Rhino Rally this past weekend after they reopened it. I also rode it on Media Day back in April and after it opened to the GP. The changes they made to it are, they completely leveled out the areas where the range rover would tilt dramatically to one side. Most noticeable was heading into the elephant area near the beginning of the ride. This has been completely leveled out. and they have added more of those guides on the ground on the birdges and other areas so the driver can better stay on track. We had very nice up close encounters with all the animals, namely the rhino, grant's gazelles, and zebras, and the crocodiles. The ending is the same..but its still an enjoyable ride. make sure and ride it in the very back. it seems to be a better ride and you get a better view of everything.


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