Rhino Rally on TV last night

Thursday, April 12, 2001 5:00 AM
You can see the press release here.


Rhino Rally was on tv last night on a local news program called Deco Drive. They showed the jeeps, they are Range Rovers. The back of the rover had a Wendy's advertisement, whatever, gotta make money somehow. Jack Hanna was there talking with the reporters, BGT is his home base. They showed the ride. The jeeps go thru the field, just like the one at AK. The person driving gets on the mic and talks to the people, making it seem like you're in danger, when you're really not. But the rover does come right up to Alligators, and Rhinos. Then the Rover gets on a raft and goes under a water fall.

That dude for Deco Drive is so lucky. He gets to travel all over the place going to these special events. Man, how do I get that job?

Imagine that, the ride is done and previewed 1 month before it officially opens on May 11.

Now why can't they do that with coasters, like XLC?


If you're an animal person, this gives you two ways to see them up close and personal. You could go on Rhino Rally, and also pay extra and go on their safari tour, where you can feed the animals.

Me? I prefer the coasters. Glad this is out of the way. Now we can start e-mailing them asking them to build something big in a couple years. Something steal, fast, goes over 80mph, tall, you know what I want.

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