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When we had a thread going a few months back about SFKK, the changes hadn't been mentioned by the park in any way...but the park map had been revised.

When! I have no idea, but anything beyond Thunder Run is now shown as grass and shrubs. I know that section has been closed off for this season, but could this be a sign of the future for that side of the park? I hope so personally, there's really nothing redeeming about that side of the park as it stands now.

I'm not asking for rumors, but is there any buzz among KK regulars about what may happen in the future. I know many including myself had talked about further expanding the waterpark out that direction, and I would love to see that.

On a similar note, we visited the Kentucky State Fair this past weekend on the way home from HW, and I will say that I will never visit KK again during the state fair. What a mess, and what a terrible fair. If it weren't for my kids getting to see the Zooperstars, it would've been a total loss!

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I'm confused. Are you saying they've made recent changes to the map to show grass and shrubs? Or asking if the map on the website has been only recently updated to exclude the dormant section of the park?

I'm certain that whatever the plan is for that side of the park, it is not grass and shrubs. And surely a map of this season's park layout will not include rides and attractions that no one can get to, so it makes sense that the area is blank, right?

I haven't been to KK at all this year, but I'd bet this revised map matches the one that they've handed out at the gate from the beginning of the season. Perhaps the website update of the map happened later, which I've noticed is frequently the case with parks.

IMO that part of the park is every bit as redeeming as the rest of KK. An expanded waterpark would be a profitable addition to the park, but please, not at the expense of a huge splash ride and a dueling coaster.

I'm sorry, and you're right. There's been so much discussion about KK here already that I won't be surprised if this topic is closed.

I'm surprised SF cared enough to remove the rides from the map. It seems every other Great Adventure commerical I see shows a splashdown boat ride, which was removed from the park.
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There are plans for that section of the park. It will take quite a bit of time to implement them though.
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For a time, it was like 2 or 3 years before SFKK updated their online map, even though the one you could get in the park was current.

This one looks better than what they were using before, but it's still pretty badly drawn.

I just emailed Knotts last week, because their online map was from before they put in the spinning coaster, but its updated now.

a_hoffman50 said:
There are plans for that section of the park. It will take quite a bit of time to implement them though.

Huh...I wasn't aware demolition and deconstruction takes "quite a bit of time"!! ;)

Yoshi and John are right on the money with their replies. SF does have tendency to be lazy about many areas of their sites, but especially most recently with the map. My map I got at the beginning of the season in the park was not revised, it still showed Twisted Twins, Mile High Falls, and all the other attractions in that area as though they were open. Forunately, we found out a while back that that wasn't true for the '08 season.

Now, the online map I linked to above still pictured all those rides I just mentioned, but there was no sign of Greezed Lightnin', Tornado, Deluge, or Mega Wedgie until maybe a month ago. Anyway, it's good to see they finally got things "somewhat" fixed for now.

I honestly do not think SF has got this park marked for closing. All their recent ride additions have been to the waterpark, (except Greezed Lightnin'), so I think that shows that if anything they are simply switching their focus to the waterpark. Heck, everytime I'm there it's easily the most crowded area of the park unless there's a special event. Every one of my last 5-6 trips to the park have been unannounced ERT's on GL, Chang, and Thunder Run!

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tigellinus, I never said anything about demolition and deconstruction. Even if they would deconstruct things in that area, I know that they have different plans for improvement. I am convinced that SFKK is not on the chopping block as well as they have won awards inside the six flags chain and have improved quite a bit over the last decade or so.
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So has Twisted Twins been earmarked for the scrapheap along with The Villian? That seems like such a waste. Sure, TT was a rather tame coaster from what I have heard, but couldn't it be reprofiled a bit and saved?

Pass da' sizzrup, bro!

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Word from the park is that right now it is up in the air, but because of cost and not being able to market the twins as a new ride, I could see a good size GCI going in there.
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^One can only hope.

The new map in the first post was NOT the one I received at the beginning of the season, so I'm glad that they are finally getting up to speed...

I still have confidence in SFKK, for I've seen it continually improve over the past few years!


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