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From Jeff's review:

I figured it was only a matter of time, but Lego finally delivered a bona fide roller coaster model of its own last month, and it's very cool. After two carousels, a Scrambler and a Ferris wheel, this was an obvious choice.

The roller coaster is another huge set, weighing in over 4,000 pieces and retailing for $380. I think it was last year that they released a Joker/Batman themed set with track around it, so I wondered if they would go all out, and they did. There's also a smaller 3-in-1 pirate coaster they recently released, so they're going to get mileage out of these new track molds. This set does not include a motor, though I bought one for the carousel, so I had one handy. Simon prefers to use the manual crank anyway.

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It's a little cheesy to plug my silly blog as "news," but I figured someone might be interested in my thoughts on it.

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8 hours?!?!

Are you superhuman? I'm assuming you and your son built it together, but wow. I wasn't timing it, but it took me and my son at least double that. (Of course, he's a lethargic teen, hahaha)

I have a Carousel set and a Ferris Wheel set hidden away for our upcoming birthdays, both in August. Of course, he's going to be pissed that it's not the new Technic Bugatti. I may end up getting that as well. It looks amazing.

Still pissed that I missed out on the Scrambler. But I refuse to pay "scalper" prices.

EDIT: OMG I absolutely need that Pirate Coaster, if just for the Shark coaster train!!!

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I was looking at getting the roller coaster set until they announced Voltron. Sorry but roller coaster's can't defend the universe.

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Oh, Voltron is a given. That's amazing. That's the set that I tried to build out of my miscellaneous sets circa 1986.

This set is a little advanced for my kid, so it was all me except for the trains. He's a little weak in his fine motor skills, so he doesn't tighten stuff down very well, and that's essential for the columns, which are built over rods. But yeah, eight hours or so.

Also, I'm totally Lord Business when it comes time to disassemble. I work in reverse and have numbered bags.

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Your kid looks very focused in that picture, tongue sticking out and all.

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It's hereditary, apparently. Everyone on my wife's side of the family does that.

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