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LEGO set #10303 is the Loop Coaster, and it's available now for $400. This video review declares it as one of the most satisfying mechanical systems on a ride ever, with its vertical lift and counterweight. It includes a hot dog stand, a pretzel cart and a balloon guy on a bike. Enthusiasts will complain about the capacity, but it sure is fun to build.


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Nice review. I said earlier that I wasn't crazy about this model and would probably skip it, but who am I kidding? I'll end up with it eventually.

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The Haunted House drop tower looks extremely cool but not sure if it would fit in with the other sets I have. But I've heard it's great.

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^ I’ve got the drop tower and it doesn’t function very smoothly. It looks nice though.

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I guess they didn't watch the Vox video about circular loops.

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Right? That second loop!

This runs very reliably though. Super impressed.

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Whatever, Sandor. I saw it derail.


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This is the greatest comment ever.

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That goes pretty fast. I hope the flag plates are bolted on well.

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