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My husband and I will be spending a day at Universal Florida soon and I have a question about Revenge of the Mummy. I know I could find this out by watching a ride thru video but would rather not spoil the first time experience for me.

My husband hates heights but likes coasters that don't subject him to them. He liked Rock'n Roller Coaster and Space Mountian at Disney and Disaster Transport (formerly) at Cedar Point because they take place in the dark and he can't see that he is high up. He also liked Big Thunder mountian Railroad at Disney because it was built into a fake mountian and does not give the appearance of being high up. He is terrified of traditional coasters and has a hard time on even Iron Dragon, Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Cork Screw and Wild Cat at Cedar Point.

Would he be OK on Revenge of the Mummy? Also are there any rides at Universal that might cause a problem even though they look OK from the outside?

Thanks a bunch!

You have NO sense of height what so ever on Mummy... The "worst" part will be the launch up the hill, but even then, you have no sense of the height. Most of the ride is very low to the ground and just turns around itself a few times. It is very dark inside there, you can't see where you are going half the time.

He should have NO worries at all with that one!

The rest of the rides there will be perfectly fine. Nothing is tall and most everything inside a building. Very family orientated.

The only one will be Rip Rockit that he will most likely avoid at all costs. At Islands of Adventure almost any of the coasters will.

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He will be good to go on Mummy. Have fun!

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Steve WoA, I don't think I'd honestly call Mummy a family coaster though...I've seen kids paralyzed in fear after riding it...scared the poop out of me the first time I rode it, too. Hehehehe...

But yes, there is NO sense of height on that ride. You truly cannot tell where you're going, there are no inversions, and it feels like it is going so fast that you don't have time to register anything being "high".

It is an amazing, thrilling ride. I envy you your upcoming ride!! Enjoy!

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Kids get far more scared during the dark ride portion (fires, bugs, and rotting corpses oh my!) then the coaster.

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Thank you all so much. I am really starting to get excited for this trip.

My son (17) will not ride roller coasters (fear of heights)

He has stepped thru 100's of them and waited on exit for me

He rides the mummy and loves it

Spiderman gives the idea you are falling but if he looks up at the ceiling

he can see that he is not falling/high up (it tilts but doesn't leave ground)

Ask for ground floor of the simpsons it also is a virtual roller coaster on it

but my son rides it also


p.s. I am not the kind of parent who drags his kid on roller coasters

I did make him wait for me in exit when he was younger.

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This is a VERY disorienting ride, you cannot tell how high up you are. It's unbelievably fun, one of my top five favorite coasters, I suggest you force him to ride it!

Hmm, as far as other Universal rides, I think the ET ride has you flying in the bicycle high above the simulated valley. But I don't remember if that ride is still there or not...

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Remember, the entire ride fits inside a building the size of a sound stage.

Remember also that in Florida there isn't a lot of excavation done beneath rides unless you're at Disney's Magic Kingdom where the midway is 15 feet or so above grade.

Neither of the Mummy rides is very tall, and because the buildings are dark, they don't give any real sense of how high you are (or aren't) within the ride building.

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I suppose, if that building was ever a soundstage in the first place and not just a place to build a ride.

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Well, the one in California was, originally. Florida's ride (and building) is a little bigger. It's still not a particularly imposing structure.

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