Reuters reports Cedar Fair rejected Six Flags offer

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U.S. amusement park operator Cedar Fair LP (FUN.N) has rejected a $4 billion cash-and-stock offer from larger peer Six Flags Entertainment Corp (SIX.N) as inadequate, people familiar with the matter said on Friday.

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Y E S ! ! ! ! !

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Agreed. Six Flags Cedar Point fills me with zero enthusiasm.

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I'll be honest. I really don't hate Six Flags. I like that they exist. I enjoy their parks, and appreciate the variety and different things they have to offer the industry...

But I just would never want them to be in charge of MY home park. And perhaps others feel the same way.

If they want to plaster some god-awful Stride Gum ad onto El Toro, or have Nitro be presented by Snickers, then thats fine. They can do that, and for me personally it doesn't inhibit in anyway the enjoyment of those amazing coasters every 2-3 years or so that I get to ride them.

But Banshee presented by Takis? No thanks...

And just given the general fact of how many great strides Cedar Fair has made for Kings Island in the past 13 years. I would hate for those strides to be slowed, halted, or even reversed maybe...

Was a good day for the industry...

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I don’t mind product advertising. But I do expect a free Snickers, Takis, or a slap of hair gel as a thank you for riding. And does that ever happen?
So, no.

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Imagine being in a situation where you're offered 4 billion dollars, and just being like "eh, I'll pass..."

(Yes, I know its not nearly that simple but still crazy to think about.)

Edit: the rough equivalent of $4 billion.

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But it really wasn't cash, it was mostly stock.

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Stock that would have soon been not worth much after the company tanked from the massive would have been the demise of several parks when they did an “Astroworld” or “Worlds of Adventure” on them to get quick cash.

Llama Drama said:

Edit: the rough equivalent of $4 billion.

rough equivalent of an almost certain bankruptcy filing AND litigation. Hard Pass.

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^Lol true.

CreditWh0re- Why litigation?

But then again, what do I know?

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Thankful to hear this. On the other hand, wouldn't it be nice if Cedar Fair owned Magic Mountain, Great America and Great Adventure? Think of the awesomeness. Think of the operations!

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If Cedar Fair owned Magic Mountain, Great America and Great Adventure the cost of getting into those parks would probably go way up. My Six Flags season pass cost $86 and my Cedar Fair platinum pass cost $195. Considering that this year I've been to Great Adventure multiple times and Great America once, and will be going to both Texas Six Flags parks before the end of the year, that's a deal that would be difficult to beat. On the Cedar Fair side I've been to Canada's Wonderland and Carowinds once, Dorney twice, so haven't made out nearly as well with that chain. I would have done better to buy a senior ticket online for those parks that offer senior discounts (these three do) and skip the pass.


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^I agree with you Bobbie, but I would rather pay more than 2 times the price for better quality. I'm not made of money, but when I payed $200 for a Cedar Fair pass a few years ago, the level of quality was still a great deal. The quality - no matter what VIP/flash passes you buy, simply isn't available at a Six Flags park.

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Cedar Fair’s top tier PLATINUM price is just under $200. (Six Flags top tier Diamond Elite membership, which I have, is around $240, btw)

One day at the Magic Kingdom is $125 (I think, still?).

I know no one was complaining necessarily but I just wanted to point that out.

And I think that what I get for my CF Platinum and SF Diamond Elite is still a steal.

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