Return Trip to Kennywood 8-11-2022

Managed a return visit with both the boys and a whole free day this time. Started off with Steel Curtain. That was pretty wild. I think we got in all the coasters but the Lil' Phantom. We waited for what felt like an awfully long time for Exterminator and I was disappointed that when we entered the building there was more waiting. I was concerned it might not be worth the wait but it didn't disappoint with the intensity and disorientation of it being a dark ride too. Got Sky Rocket in this time too and really enjoyed that. We almost didn't get to Racer but it reopened very briefly after the parade and we made it our last ride of the evening. I can't say a single one of the coasters in that park disappointed me I liked them all. I think Thunderbolt is still possibly the top pick for me. We were able to wander around just to take in the scenery more this time than on the first trip. The mushroom water fountain is cool. One thing I was a bit disappointed about on both trips was a lack of clothing merch in larger sizes. Maybe if I had gotten there earlier in the season I would have had more choices. I did manage to find one shirt I liked big enough for me on the first trip and a patch for my jacket. I'm hoping we have a chance to go back again next year. It makes for a long day and a lot of driving but if we have someone home for the dogs (hubby skipped this trip) we can make a day trip out of it. With the online ticket special going on I felt the park offered plenty for the price I paid both times. When a family member of mine that lives in the Pittsburgh area posted pictures of them and their grandchildren at Kennywood and I expressed interest in going there someday their replay was "Why? You have Cedar Point and it's nicer." but I really enjoyed Kennywood and I think they have a good collection of coasters.

It just makes me happy to see so many positive reports from Kennywood this year after several years of many having mediocre to bad experiences. They seem to genuinely be trying this year and it shows.

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Locals simultaneously don’t know what they have and will defend it with their lives if you criticize it. :)

I went for the first time since the spring food festival last weekend and walked on to Thunderbolt and Phantom while Exterminator, Racer, and Jack Rabbit had their normal long lines. It was really weird. Steel Curtain looks to have a consistent two train operation again which is great.

I’m looking forward to the fall season. My wife and my wife and I will definitely be renewing our passes.

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My wife and my wife and I

Are you from PA or Utah?


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Lol. I struggled with the editor on mobile…

I've read enough less than stellar trip reports that I was kind of waiting for the part of the trip when the disappointment in something would set in especially when the thunderstorm rolled in the first trip and everything closed down I was worried that might be it for the day but they opened everything back up afterward and the good times kept coming.

I can count on one hand the number of Kennywood visits where it didn’t rain. And I’ve been sent home a couple of times as well. One storm was particularly bad with downed limbs and panicked visitors running for cover. That was the day I realized that KW doesn’t have a whole lot of indoor, undercover space.
My favorite thing is when the park music changes to old-fashioned, dreamy music at the end of the day. It’s the signal to the visitors and employees that the park will close, usually within a half hour or so. The last song is Nighty Night and that means shut ‘er down. Even when we were sent home mid afternoon they played Nighty Night. I hope that’s still a tradition- it was so lovely and calming, especially when the park was open late hours. Kennywood’s nighttime atmosphere was always unsurpassed.

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My younger son did notice the change in music while we were in line for Racer before closing, it reminded him of Wildwater Kingdom.

After a visit to Kennywood myself this week, we remain baffled as to how a continuously-loading coaster such as Exterminator has such a terrible line.

Everything else is fantastic, and the refreshes and updates done at the park in the offseason are phenomenal.

I think the Exterminator line has become more lengthy this season because they no longer allow 3 adults in a rat. Either 2 or 4. That happened with our party of 3: 2 had to ride in one rat and I had to ride by myself. It's unreal how long the line is.

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