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This past wednesday some friends of mine and I decided to roll on up to Holiday World. It was my second return to Holiday World after an unpleasent visit last year in which there were several uncomfortable acts by ride operators (particularly on the raven) that led to potentially hazardous situations which I really won't go over. Also, the guest service i received was rotten...had ride operators roll their eyes at me when I made simple requests about the lapbars.

The return this year was a TON better, which made me feel that it was just a bad day last year...this is a good thing!

We arrived at the park at around 11ish (ET) and one of the people in my party accidentally locked his keys in the car. LOL We were talking about it when a lady in a yellow shirt with a radio greeted us and offered to have a maintance man come over to open his door. This impressed me a great deal, especially after the somewhat quickness of the maintanance man to get there.

After he got his door open, we entered the park, and decided to start the day off with the Raven...the classic coaster. As I approached the station, I noticed all of the ride operators were smiling!! Unlike last year. This was very pleasent to see. They also were more active on the microphone saying "They hope we enjoy our ride on the Raven!" Is this a new thing? Cause i really don't remember them saying that on either coaster last year. Its a good idea cause it helps get the guests pumped up and they actually enjoy the ride a lot more. All the ops at my homepark do that and it really has given us a lot of positive feedback.

So anyway, after the Raven and before the Legend we hit up the hallowswings...just fun. I just did it cause everyone else did LOL Anyway, it wasn't that bad, except the op kinda seemed like he didnt want to be there. I was a little more upset that he told me to take my hat off AFTER already checking my restraint, yet failed to offer to carry it to the bin for me. A little disturbed, I just tossed it to the side.

After hallowswings, we went to the Legend...which is definitely a LOT better than the Raven. The ops up there were smiling a great deal, and despite my friends retarded old lame "am I tall enough" joke, the op he joked with just played along and seemed really friendly. Made me REALLY happy to see. And they also wished us a good ride on the Legend! The Legend was awesome, and I had a great time!

After the Legend we finally went and got food at the Kringles Kafe...a nice little restaurant with a variety of food. The lines were HUGE but there were enough people working they actually moved pretty quickly. Not much to say about the food...we enjoyed every bit.

After that, we stopped at the Liberty Bell Shoppe (i think that was the name), and I engaged in a pleasant conversation with one of the retail supervisors. She was a very nice person to talk to, and was pretty knowledgable about the park.

After the shoppe, we headed over to the Liberty Launch. It wasn't open last year, which made me frown...but this year it was and we rode it and had a blast!!! The only comment was that I noticed a child that rode and walked past their height sticking pipes...and he appeared to be under the height requirement. I could have been wrong, but that bugged me. Especially since there was a supervisor working the ride that checked his restraint.

Next we made our way down to ride the Revolution....I could have done without that ride. The whole face smearing off the side of your skull feeling was a little much. It was fun, though.

Towards the end of our trip, we rode the legend in the front seat, which was much better, and walked past a shut down Raven...which made me sad cause I wanted to ride it again. But these things least they had someone outside the ride telling us that it was down :)

There were some other rides we rode, but I dont really remember any details. Bottom line is we had an excellent time, and despite a few small things, I was really impressed with how much Holiday World has improved since the last time I was there. Everyone should be proud as they have a nice little park with really good guest service! Great job guys!!

I was at Holiday World my first time a few weeks ago, and I too was impressed. My only complaint was that both the Raven's and Legend's trains were filthy dirty dust covered. Not sure if theyre still like that or not.

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