Retirees from The Villages are dedicated fans of Walt Disney World

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Thrill seekers from The Villages, the 55-and-up community northwest of Leesburg has built up a devoted Disney following over the years. Maybe it has something to do with being called the Disney World for retirees.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

When I grow up and retire I hope I still have the passion and drive for my hobbies and interests the way these folks do.

Take heart. I grew up (not really) but I’m retired and still love to go. Maybe not as quick as I used to be, but I ain’t about to give any of this up.

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My mom lives in The Villages. I was surprised the first time I went there, because those folks definitely haven't gone there to die, they've gone there to live. There are subsections, each with a town square, and there is always something going on, everywhere. It's a bunch of half-drunk Boomers running around in tricked out golf carts.

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Sounds like that one community in Phoenix minus Disneyworld right next door!

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I read somewhere that The Villages has one of the highest STD rates in the country. So that's what they're doing after work... just like the rest of amusement park workers.


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