Restaurant in Germany serves your food via rollercoaster track.

If this has been brought up before, I apologize. I thought this was really unique and cool. The place is called 's Baggers in Germany and your food gets served to your table down a rollercoaster type track.

Coaster restaurant.

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Some a$$hole is going to break it trying to get another credit.

RavenTTD said:
Some a$$hole is going to break it trying to get another credit.

I gotta get to (bleeping) Germany first...

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Here it is in action:

Wow, I cannot believe that. This is by far the coolest restaurant in my mind. I can't wait for McDonalds to start this system. What if they opened a resteraunt near TTD of Kingda Ka that had a launch ride that delivered your food.

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That is one of the coolest things I have seen in a while!

I am surprised the restaurant has any "human" employees at all. :)

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That's really neat.

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I certainly hope it doesn't expect a tip.

It's nifty to look at and watch in action, but is it really better? First of all, you have to have a multi-level facility for it to work, or else a powered system. You'd need some kind of power to get the little gandy dancers back to the kitchen anyway, wouldn't you?

It looks like it works for a smaller restaurant, but it would get really complicated for anything larger. The seating there seems to be set up along a number of curved counters. Personally, I don't think that arrangement is comfortable to anything larger than a party of 2 or 3. In a larger restaurant, it would require a separate track for every table, or else some kind of switching/navigational system. And it looks like the server can only deliver one item at a time. So how long would it take to serve a party of 6 people drinks and entrees, let alone any other courses? I'm also not keen on my dinner rolling past other diners, or vice versa.

For all the cranky, inept, and slow wait staff I've had to deal with in my life-- and there have been many-- I still think I'd prefer the human interaction. I don't think this system can beat the many attentive and helpful waiters and waitresses I've met. Can this system have a drink refill at your table before you finish your first? What if your steak is under- or over-cooked? Can you send your food back, or are you SOL?

Might be fun as a novelty to experience once, but I don't think I'd like all my dining experiences to be like this.

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Way to rain on the parade, RGB. ;)


If it was made by Intamin, the plates would be too big.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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I look at it as an alternative spectacle, not a replacement for the traditional wait staff. I would love to go to a place like this as a departure from the norm, but it would lose all of its coolness if it was widespread.

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To me this is just an Old Invention, We had something like this in Kansas City, KS at 18th Street and Grandview BLVD since the Early 80s. It's Called Fritz's Railroad Restaurant and they have a Skatkat Railroad System that delivers your food to ya. The food is loaded in a box onto tray attached to a Electric Locomotive above and is sent on a track around the Restaurant to your table, at your table there is a lowering tray with a bar that drops on command from the kitchen. That bar releases the box that is on the moving tray on to the lowering tray. the lowering tray drops down to where you can reach it from the table where you grab the box from it and it will go back into the upper position.

Ordering is done by a Telephone at the table to the order taker in the kitchen.

Here are some videos of the system in action: The new Shawnee one with POV:
The Original Skatkat in Kansas City, KS
One of the Skatkats at Crown Center in Kansas City, MO:
Fritz's has a website at: Simply put you don't have to go to Germany to try something that was invented here in the United States first.

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Sawblade, I don't want to be argumentative here, but they are not really the same thing, even though they are based on the same thing. The coaster in Germany is gravity powered, and the train is motorized.

The Fritz's concept is just as cool as the Germany coaster though.

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