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Hi all,

I'm doing a paper for school on what qualities appeal on a résumé for an entry level candidate for any job in the amusement industry. I've searched here for old news articles I could cite and have tried a lot of databases I have access to from school, but was wondering if anyone here knew any better place to look for sources.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

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For starters, you may want to narrow your search from any job as there are many different types of jobs in the amusement industry.
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Best source:call a company (or companies) who would hire such workers, ask for their Human Resources department, and see if the HR Director will spend some time answering your questions! If you have no luck, check their websites for a contact link to HR. And if they list job postings, those postings should most likely list the qualities their looking for.

If that fails: try searching the various jobs sites (Monster, Yahoo, Hot Jobs, etc) for job listings.

Go to Holiday World's site and look under "Jobs". Right now they have two full-time openings at the park and the job description form available on the Web is quite detailed. It tells EXACTLY what they are looking for.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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