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I'm going to be hitting SFGAm on opening day this year. How crowded is the park usually on opening day? I went around the same time last year, except it was Sunday late afternoon, and the place was fairly empty, even though the weather was nice. Is opening day on Saturday usually any different? Thanks in advance!

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Weather has been extremely nice lately after a pretty rough March and April. People are doing anything to get out. If it is a nice weekend, my guess is the park will be packed to the gills. Saturdays at SFGAm are ALWAYS bad. Sundays usually aren't all that bad, especially at the beginning of the season.

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My guess it it will be more crowded than last year's opening day, but shouldn't be any waits over 10 minutes (well maybe Raging Bull and definitely Ragin' Cajun). Don't count on Deja Vu being open. *** Edited 4/23/2007 9:46:04 PM UTC by SFGAm Shock Wave***

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Well, if the former is true, then that kinda stinks for me. But if the latter is true, then I'm cool with that :)

Thanks for the quick responses!

I know that out here, opening day at PKD usually isn't bad. BGE's opening day (season pass day) can get pretty high attendance if the weather is good enough. SFA's opening day, I wouldn't expect to be busy.

I wasn't sure about SFGAm, since I don't live there, but I know when we went last year early May on a Sunday, it was amazing how empty the place was, especially on a beautiful day. On the flip side, when I visit in mid-Sept, the place is way more crowded, especially on my 2005 visit--2.5 hour wait for V2. Last May--nearly a walk-on.

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Go on Sunday if you can. I would suspect that there will be rather large crowds on Saturday. says Gurnee is supposed to be 64 and partly cloudy. Hope for an early morning rain if you must go on Saturday.
Yea, I'd like to go on Sunday, but that actually won't work this year. My girlfriend (who goes to college out there) wants to watch some of her friends graduate that day, and it's like early afternoon, so that wouldn't work too good going to SFGAm.

Hope it's not too bad Saturday. By the way, how can predict the temps for May 5th? I'm not talking about THIS Saturday.

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My bad! I guess I'm anticipating the start of the coaster season more than I thought.

SFGAm Shock Wave said: ...Don't count on Deja Vu being open.

I never do! I'm already planning on not getting that credit this summer when we visit SFGAm.

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