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Tuesday, July 22, 2003 6:04 PM
Hey All,

I just got back from my 10-day trip. I went to the following parks. 4 hours at KennyWood, 1 Day at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure and Six Flags Darien Lake and 5 Days at Cedar Point.

Ratings are on 4 categories Themeing/Scenery, Coasters, Cleaness, and Staff/people! Look below for the 4-park rating and see who came in what place!

Lets start with Kennywood. We stopped her on my way to Ohio. That’s why only 4 hours in the park. This park gets strong ratings in the theme/scenery part. As for the coaster. I can only say, arghhh. I was expecting a lot more punch and was let down. Phantoms Revenge was very nice and earned high marks. As for the 3 woodies they will get average marks. Kennywood also got high marks for being clean and having friendly staff that loaded all trains properly. Would I go to this park again? NO.

Next I will rate Six Flags Darien Lake. This park gets low marks in all the above category. We went on a rainy Sunday. The bathrooms were outdated and not very clean. The staff was getting low scored for not loading the coasters correctly. As for the coasters! Nothing at this park made me jump for joy. Superman was ok. Viper was brutal and rough! Boomerang has a long line and lots of down time. But it was a standard Vekoma Boomerang as was there SLC. Predator was a big let down. I was told be a few people this was a great woodie. I strongly disagree. I noticed all over the park said Six Flags Darien Lake Theme Park! THERE IS NO THEMEING! I AWARD NO POINTS! Would I go to this park again? NO!

Next I move to Six Flags World of Adventure. This park is truly wonderful. It’s had everything I look for in a park. A large coaster collection and clean bathrooms! The staff will score low at this park for not loading fast or correctly. As for the coasters. I would saw there best coaster is Batman Knight Flight followed by X-Flight and then Superman and Villain after that. The park is well laid out and had lots to do. Theming was minimal but there. More than SFDL. Would I go to this park again? In a heartbeat.

Cedar Point is where I spent most of my time. As for rides with down time CP got a horrible score as it hard 4 of its top coasters all closed at the same time. TTD,MF,Mantis,and Gemeni. They did have everything thing up and running. As for staff, high marks for loading and being nice and helpful. As for Themeing not much is there so its got an average score. As cleanness! High marks all around. The coaster collection is truly amazing. If you8 haven't been on TTD get there and get on it. TTD and then MF are there 2 best coasters followed by Mean Streak and Gemini. Would I go to Cedar Point again? Yes!



Six Flags Darien Lake


Six Flags Worlds of Adventure


Cedar Point


Some of you might not like my review. But this is my review and my thoughts. Please don't send me hate mail or anything. Let me know what you think though. Do you agree? Disagree? Lets talk.



Tuesday, July 22, 2003 6:23 PM
Tr Report=1


Scoring System=0

Would care if you came back to SFDL=0

My Sarcasm= Priceless

Your Park only has 1 good coaster! That's too bad!

Tuesday, July 22, 2003 7:05 PM
Ride of Steel's avatar Mean Streak one of the best coasters? Wow

Darien Lake is a nice park, just not that big. And Predator is a good wooden coaster NOT great. It is fun though. If you sit in the front seat the airtime total is more than sros


Six Flags Darien Lake Mania! Your #1 source for DL and other parks!

Tuesday, July 22, 2003 7:34 PM
eightdotthree's avatar six flags woa has a terrible layout imo. the que line for serial thriller, is down a path, then all the way back up that same path. raging wolf bobs is all the way in the back, nothing to found near it, walk to it, walk from it ( and its a crap ride too ). the main midway is far to crowded when its busy and the waterpark is impossible to navigate.

you only spent 4 hours at kennywood! i really love the phanton and thunderbolt. and the jack rabbit for that matter.


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