Renegade opens this weekend at Valleyfair

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Valleyfair's new wood coaster, Renegade, opens to the public tomorrow, but begins its weekend by thrilling a TV reporter.

See the video from KMSP/Twin Cities.

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Coolall! :)
Awesome to see it running and ready to go. The reporters I really could have done without though. I really want to make my way to Valleyfair this year! I have some family in the area so thats even more incentive to leave Ohio for that trip.

Did anyone else notice that every camera change there seemed to be less had less people in the train itself, thats fine filmography work right there ;)

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I feel like a little kid that can hardly wait for X-mas morning to arrive. This is going to be a great weekend.
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I'm so jealous of Kara right now!!!
I guess the swamp area will mean some bugs...small price to pay. This ride looks awesome!! Can't wait. :)
Looks like a solid crowd pleaser. Just what that park needs.


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What the Hell is a squiggle?
^I wondered the same thing....
I have to guess the Squiggles is a rip-off group of the Wiggles. The house band in the kids area.

As for the bugs, we got used to that from Excalibur a long time ago. It was to be expected being placed on the other side of Thunder Canyon from it.

I would love to have ridden Renegade with M.A....


There will be at least 4 of us posting trip reports as soon as Sunday as far as I can tell.

VF is back on the map.

The coaster looks pretty cool. The news casting on the other hand...yeah not so good. You could tell the people in the studio were totally unprepared when her mic went out. Like was mentioned already, the lack of people in the train on the course was quite amusing. Good for CF though for getting this thing done with such a tight schedule.
Im looking forward to riding this ride in June!!!
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I could have helped fill the train today, had they asked. :)
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Not only are enthusiasts engineers, but they're also on-air personalities.
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Looks cool. I still have yet to ride a gci coaster with their own trains.
Based on my own experience in wireless lapel/handheld technology, I'd say she got out of range of the receiver, which is why she was audible again at the end of the ride.

Seriously though, I would not envy those on-air personalities. All of the sudden, you're stuck with dead-air, and you've probably got a director in your earbud going "Adlib something, quick!"

Awesome this is going to be a blast!!!!

I can't resist. I really can't resist!!!!!

Renegade opened and Maverick didn't because it's an Intamin,but Renegade isn't so it didn't get any delays and it's going to be great! I hope i can visit Valleyfair!!

Wow I really want to ride this.
This ride is amazing. Whoever is heading out there will love it. I guarantee you that.
I rode it today and I like it alot but I like Thunderhead at Dollywood little bit better. Renegade has good pacing, great first drop I wish it twist little bit more. Wait at season pass office 90 mins. 45 mins wait at Renegade 10 mins wait at the WT and I had to leave the park for other reasons.

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