Renegade @ Valleyfair Closed Flash Flooding

If anyone is going to Valleyfair to ride Renegade or Excalibur along with Thunder Canyon in the back of the park they are closed due to flooding from the Minnesota River. I'm sure the rides will re open once the waters from the River goes down. The employee parking lot is also under water and half the parking lot down by the river up to the old pinic cove is flooding from high water. We have had a lot of rain last week there has been flash flooding and road closers the past week in the area. They are parking employees up over by the Valleyfair housing area. More rain in and sever weather is expected today.

I am in the Twin Cities this weekend. Originally we were going to Valleyfair. Glad we decided on Nick Universe today.

I think outside of Cincinnati's Coney Island, Valleyfair has to be the most often flooded park in the U.S. I wonder about the possibility of a flood wall or something. You'd think the constant floods back there would be tiring, if not expensive, for the park.

Hasn't Hershey Park (is that one word or two?!?) been flooded several times these past few years?

But then again, what do I know?

Yes, and Knoebels gets it too. In spite of it being a beautiful setting, I guess that's the pitfall of having a park streamside.

P.S. It's Hersheypark- a made up name since they went all theme-parky on us in the 70's.

P.P.S. sooperdooperLooper at Hersheypark.

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Renegade the most popular attraction at Valleyfair? Couldn't they operate the Renegade even if there weren't any flood waters running over the track or is it a safety issue? If the flood waters were around the ride and not over it? The curves of Renegade s turns are really low to the ground in some areas. I may go back on Monday and take a look. I rode Power Tower today and could tell it was flooded. Would this hurt Valleyfair if Renegade were to remain closed until the flood waters go down along with Excalibur and Thunder Canyon? I would hope Cedar Fair would bring some sort of new attraction for 2015 I heard they were going to do a make over and re do the entire water park for 2015.

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ShaneDenmark said:
Hasn't Hershey Park been flooded several times these past few years?

Let's just say, that if I'm a bison at Hersheypark, and I see the water starting to rise, I'm making a run for it.

^ Yeah that was pretty awful with the bison and the flood... Couldn't believe they didn't have some kind of plan in place to evacuate the zoo if needed!

But then again, what do I know?

I wish y'all hadn't brought that up. That situation and that photo was so upsetting to me that I cried real tears.

I went back to the park for an hour today to see the flood waters. The toll lanes are now closed from flooding. Security was directing traffic to the front of the park. Parking was FREE today might be till the water goes down. Renegade, Excalibur and Thunder Canyon will remain closed till the flood waters goes down. I hope Renegade is back open by the 4th of July and the parking lot. They will need all the parking they can get. Its the busiest day at Valleyfair on the 4th of July. I really think Valleyfair needs to consider building flood walls around Renegade or in the back of the park. You think they would figure that out by now.

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They've got to be losing money with Excalibur being closed. It's the only reason anyone goes to Valleyfair :)


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Interesting video of flooding at Valleyfair.

You have to suffer through the ad to see the video.

We are expecting another 2 inches of rain this weekend, which will make the flooding even worse.

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But on a positive note, revenue from intertube rentals is at a record high.

On Valleyfairs web site says Renegade is back OPEN. I'm going back on Friday. Seems like the flood waters have gone down now.

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