Remembering the studios in Disney's Hollywood Studios

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From the feature:

Instead of roller coasters and thrill rides like a traditional theme park, Disney-MGM Studios aspired to be something different — a place to make movies and TV shows. Could it help Orlando become Hollywood East?

But that vision — a place where tourists could see real movie-making magic at work — faltered over the years. The studios that were supposed to produce the hits shut down. The animators packed up their desks. The Mouseketeers from “The Mickey Mouse Club” grew up.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

The permits and current support work for the hotel seem to indicate that it's going somewhere in the vacant area to the north of Beach Club and back to the east toward the bus loading/unloading area and the monorail station.

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Here is a pretty good photo journey that shows the building at different locations throughout the park

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What are they planning with the Wonders of Life pavilion?

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

I'm guessing that is just general upkeep. They use that pavilion throughout the year for various special events...most notably the Food and Wine Festival which will get started again in September.

All good points about Epcot. That was another one that felt enormous as a child, not just because the park IS enormous, but each attraction felt so dense. Does anyone remember being able to spend hours in Journey into Imagination because the ride ended with a huge science museum-type exhibit? And there being loads of things to do in Innoventions? As kids, I think we tired out before we even got to the World Showcase, and didn't realize there was tons to do (and eat... and drink) back there until years later.

I don't know what a modern Future World would or could be. That's probably why we haven't had any worlds fairs in decades. Future World should probably be renamed because it is still rooted in the worlds fair concept (big pavilions with a major attraction and some smaller related ones) but nothing points to anything happening in the future. It's almost as if each pavilion is an "episode" of a TV show with attached bonus features.

I miss Horizons and World of Motion and will come to miss the Universe of Energy, but I'm happy that Epcot provides a home for Test Track, Spaceship Earth, Mission: Space and will soon feature some cool new stuff (after riding Ratatouille in Paris, I'm thrilled it's coming to Orlando, and Disney fans should feel the same).

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Heading up to Epcot today and probably won't do any rides at all because we are going for Food & Wine. That said, I do miss Horizons and World of Motion. (Love Test Trace and never been on Mission: Space but still loved the originals.) I'll say this again too...the originals were something that everyone from an infant to Great Grandma could ride together and, like lots of other amusement parks, Epcot (and the rest of Disney) needs to be careful about not segmenting the family unit too much.

(Glad to hear about Ratatouille.)

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I've done green Mission Space a few times. It's dumb. It's also empty most of the time, so I can't imagine it will last.

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More like mission: forcefully make space in my stomach for more food.

I hate that ride. I used to think it was fun, but I can’t handle it anymore.

I've always enjoyed it for what it is- maybe because the line is never long and, if it is, I pass. I miss watching Gary Sinise's eyes reading the cards because he couldn't have been bothered learning a few lines.

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People don't like Anna Espinoza?

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