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I know this is an extremely late heads up, but if anyone on here is from the Eastern PA, New Jersey area, that might find this interesting; There is an exhibit tomorrow night in Lansdale, on a few past amusement parks. I provided the link, hope it works.

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Again, I know it's extremely short notice, sorry, but I read my email about a half hour ago, when I came across this info.

Was West Point the park that was visible from the Route 422 expressway?

No, Lakeview was right along 422 in Royersford.. West Point was in the little town of West Point (the home of pharmaceutical giant Merk) near Lansdale. I have great memories of West Point, As a small kid the Jumper and Wild Mouse were the greatest things ever. :)

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Sounds interesting, I might try to go for the Willow Grove park feature that the link mentioned. I never had a chance to go to the park since it closed years before I was born. I wish it was still open, it would been nice to be less than 10 minutes away from an amusement park instead of a boring mall with the same name.

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Doh! Would have been cool to go check this out. I'm less than an hour away. :(

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