Refresher course on how many experienced riders are necessary to get a coaster ranked and on the list?

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This topic was covered some time ago but I can't find it and there are 1487 pp. of forum posts, too many to go through to locate it. Hate to be redundant but please clarify. What brings this up again is that the founder and webmaster of a coaster site to which I'm a contributor asked me and 2 other people to compile a list of our top ten steel coasters, top 10 woodies and top 10 overall for National Roller Coaster Day. I had Leviathan at #2 and see that here it's at #5. Anyway, the guy who runs the site said that Leviathan and Nemesis (which I had at #10) would have to go, as he wanted to limit the list to coasters in the USA. The point is that a significant no. of people who frequent CoasterBuzz must have visited Canada's Wonderland to get Leviathan on the list but approximately how many? I suspect that CW is a popular destination for coaster enthusiasts anywhere and on any website so fail to see the logic of excluding Leviathan for the purpose of the aforesaid project.


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The number of riders is listed on the furthest right column in the top 100 list.

With #4 Millennium Force leading the pack with 671 riders. Even more than #45 Raptor or #52 Magnum, which I find to be a little strange.

It simply amazes me how low I305 is at 34. Personally, it's my number 2 behind Outlaw Run. The other intimidator, TTD, Mystic Timbers and Millennium Force are all above it, which are all worse than I305 by a considerable margin. It's the only ride on the entire list that I think is way outside of where it should be.

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Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.

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Opinions. They tend to be different, sometimes.

It might be my fault... didn't like it...

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Thanks, Gonch, for the guidance. And Go Intamin, i share your sentiments. I305 is near the top of my list and the only reason I can think of for its not being higher on this list is that many find it too intense. I remember watching an on-ride video in which Robb Alvey (whose manner I find extremely annoying) declared that I305 "craps all over Millennium Force." (This guy really has a way with words, LMAO.) Well, I certainly wouldn't go that far but do consider I305 to be the better of the two.


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RCMAC said:

It might be my fault... didn't like it...

You and me both.


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Personally I gave it a full five star rating. I love a ride that is super intense, like blackout inducing intense. If you can toss me around a bit and maybe leave me with a couple bruises than I am sold. I305 is simply amazing from first drop to brake run.

But I guess there are other thoughts out there, and I would be willing to bet some rate lower simply due to manufacturer bias.

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I'm in the camp that doesn't love it. It's a fun ride, for sure. I just feel like all that speed and energy is wasted on quick turns. Maverick accomplishes that with a 105' tall hill. I guess I just like big hills and a healthy amount of airtime, and for a ride that's over 300' tall, I guess I didn't get that. The restraints are kind of a bummer as well.

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I road I305 during its inaugural season, in that awkward period post first drop trim brake but pre-first curve redesign (and trim brake removal), so for me the ride really felt neutered by the trim brake. I haven't had a chance to experience the ride in its "natural" state, so until I do it will sit with a ranking of 4/5.

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By "experienced" - are you calling me old?

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

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This is why I've never voted in these type of polls. I have rides I like, and rides I don't. If I were to be honest, I've probably said "I don't rank coasters, but this would be a top 10 ride for sure" about at least 25 rides.

Favorites are subjective, and even circumstance based. Phoenix is my favorite Woodie because I ride it almost exclusively at PPP, when I'm already having an amazing time with great friends. I love Nitro because it brings back memories of fun roadtrips in the past when I was first dating my wife. I also haven't ridden Nitro in at least 10 years, and have no idea if it's even aging well. But this is not the same for anyone else, and perhaps Nitro really isn't all that great by itself. Phoenix isn't nearly as fun on a hot Wednesday in July.

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That's why the CB100 doesn't require you to rank or declare favorites.

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I don't like ranking either and would consider it an impossible task. I try really hard to keep from rolling my eyes whenever I hear something like "It's my new number four launched, looping, hybrid, spinning, shuttle coaster!" (But as usual, I just can't.)

I've got all kinds of time, but none for that.

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I have the same response to involved, detailed conversations about which seats over which wheel should be avoided. I just like to ride coasters. They make me laugh, the better the coaster, the more I laugh. Hysterical laughter = great coaster.

Then again, I can have involved, detailed conversations about which Star Trek series is the best. (Strek TOS is my favorite, DS9 is the best, we don't talk about ENT except for the Mirror Universe episode.) So maybe I shouldn't be saying anything :-)

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I wish I could add coasters to my list of ranked coasters like a top 10 or 20 rather than having to rank all 176 of them.

Agree about I305. It's a boring layout that just punishes you with g forces and shaking trains.

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