Reedy Creek likely to be replaced by another district, according to state official

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Ben Watkins, director of the state’s division of bond finance, said legislators are likely to create a successor district, one that will assume many of the powers that Reedy Creek Improvement District. The new district won’t have some of the powers previously granted that were never used such as operating a nuclear power plant.

Read more from Bloomberg.

Boy, those anti-big government conservatives really put Disney in their place. I would love to know the amount of time and money wasted on this ridiculous exercise.

Yeah, they really owned those libs!

I hope Florida voters are smart enough not to fall for this shell game.


I hope Florida voters are smart enough not to fall for this shell game.

Your snark game is on point.

I'm fun at parties too

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Let me get this straight. DeSantis introduces the "Don't Say Gay" bill. Disney employees ask their employer to speak out against it, and they reluctantly do. DeSantis retaliates against Disney by trying to end Reedy Creek.

Did I miss anything?

It's a good example of how authoritarianism is taking hold in our country. It's scary as hell. My Uncles didn't fight to defend our freedoms so that they can be strong-armed away by our very own government.

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