Redesigned trains in the works for X

Quin Checketts of S&S Power (son of company founder, Stan) confirmed that Six Flags has approached S&S to redesign X's vehicles to make them lighter (like the trains in operation on Eejanaika) in hopes to increase operational efficiency.

Now, it's a matter of time when we find out when this will happen --- and whether or not Eejanaika's dropping floor system will be integrated in X's loading platform, or if its strictly just a redesign of the trains. And when they say trains? Or modifications of the old chasis?

The article also talks about X's problematic history, its capacity, and other interesting tidbits...

That's good news.

Hopefully this can help cut down on those ridiculous four hour lines.
I don't really understand why they wouldn't use these trains the first time if they are better.
It's a sign they are moving in the right direction sort of.

HPComet said:

I don't really understand why they wouldn't use these trains the first time if they are better.

You do realize X was built in 2001 and Eejanaika was built in 2005, right? The improvements to the trains have advanced significantly on this ride since X opened. It's not like Six Flags chose to go with the poor performing trains --- because that's all there was at the time. X is the Fourth Dimension prototype.

So Eejanaika has these trains?
Yeah and I do realize that I just didn't really think that part of it through.
hopefully they keep the seven car trains and dont drop it to 5 like eejanaika because the lines for X are so long, and i think it is not just because it is a low capacity ride, but also because it is Six Flags' main attraction and the ride everyone wants to go on. Maybe with the new trains, they can finally run 3?
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It dont matter if the run 3, or 20 trains. It depends on how fast they can load/ unload them.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

It usually takes 5-7 minutes from the time the riders get off and new riders leave the station.

How does having lighter trains improve efficiency when there's a load/unload inefficiency? *** Edited 2/12/2007 1:07:50 PM UTC by GregBuzz***

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Uh trains! Show of hands: who's gonna recount X when the new trains arrive? ;)
^^ I don't think that the new trains are supposed to increase capacity. They're just to make for better maintenance and decrease the number of days a year that the ride will be closed, from 160 to 150. ;)
^^ I already counted it twice because I intend on riding it with the new trains.
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^^^ That would mean I would have to ride it again to count it again, right?

Screw that.

You could just imagine riding it with the new trains. For added effect, you could lay on your back and have someone put some weights on your chest while delivering subtle blows to the side of your head.

Mamoosh said:
Uh trains! Show of hands: who's gonna recount X when the new trains arrive? ;)

Sounds like a plan to me. They'd change the experience, scenery and they might even work better.

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I count it for each different song I have running through my head as I ride it.

As for the capacity, if dropping down to 5 row trains allows them to change the unload/load protocol (i.e. not have rotate, unload, rotate, move, open gates, lock, check, rotate, check, dispatch) it could definitely increase.

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2001 - X Or Deja Vu... Which has ran more?

X - Runs, but takes 7 minutes to dispatch, has periods of downtime that lasts for MONTHS, Took almost half a year to open, etc. IM sure out of the 5 years X has been at Magic Mountain it has probably only ran for about 2 of them in total? Does anybody know?

Deja Vu - Its called Deja Vu because riders experience downtime and long waits on X, then go to Deja Vu and say "DAMN I MUST BE HAVING DEJA VU BECAUSE DIDN'T THIS JUST HAPPEN TO US ON OUR "X"PERIENCE WITH X? LOT'S OF DOWNTIME, RARELY OPEN, AND "X"TREME WAIT TIMES."

LOL. Im being serious though guysm which runs more?? Out of 5 years both have probably only ran 2 years total time. I was just wondering seriously, which runs more and for how many months out of the possible 60(5 Years) have both of them ran?

Other than that - Congrats MM, I hope the new trains improve things for X, which I can't blame problems on since it is a prototype and all, same with Deja Vu, which of course now seems to have most of its problems worked out.

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S:ROS = <3

^That was one of the funniest posts I have read in A long time.:)

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Nice one, Andy. That's your best credit counting rule to date. lol But what happens if you hear thge same song in your head twice? Do you lose credits or get a bonus? ;)

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