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Okay, so this may sound a little bit weird. I'm a music student (clarinet major) at the University of Akron in Ohio, and my recital is coming up (2 weeks from tomorrow). Posters are always hung up around the music building for advertising recitals, concerts, etc. Anyway, pretty much everyone that knows me in the music building knows that I'm really a big fan of roller coasters and amusement parks. So I'd like to make some of my recital posters themed to amusement parks or roller coasters. For example, I already have one that says "Cedar Point is closed for the season. I guess I'll have a recital now." :) Please put on your creativity hats and help me out!


Jeff Young
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Best Clarinet Recital - ON THE PLANET!!! ;)

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I saw the topic title and I instantly thought "I bet that's Jeff's thread" :)

I thought I had some good ones, but then I realized I didn't. That's kind of tough.

Too bad you're not putting on a hardcore show - then you could use: "More breakdowns than Top Thrill Dragster" :)

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haha, tats pretty cool. Maybe something like, "from rockin' and roller coastin' to rockin' and rollin'" or maybe like, arrange music notes on a staff goin up and down with a train on the "track" of music notes. I'm sure I could think of other ideas but those are ones off the top of my head lol.
"Launch", "Ready", "Set"

"Jeff Young's", "clarinet"

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You could depict a silhouette of a clarinetist playing, and the sound coming out of the instrument could morph into a coaster track. That's graphics though.

What pieces are you performing?

I'm playing the Debussy Premiere Rhapsody, the Mendelssohn Concertpiece No. 2 for 2 clarinets and piano (no, I'm not playing both clarinets) :), Pastoral by Arthur Bliss, Soliloquies by Leslie Bassett (really hard contermporary piece), which coincidentally has a section that could be seen as roller coaster track....way down low to way up high through huge runs.....over and over again, and another piece that's just a gag piece as a surprise to the clarinet studio here at Akron. It'll be a fun one.

Maybe with the roller coaster "track" and the notes morphed together, I could use the famous Cedar Point T-shirt phrase "I like 'em fast!" ;)

Just in case anyone lives in the area and wants to attend:

Saturday, November 4, 2006 at 3 PM
Guzzetta Recital Hall, in Guzzetta Hall on the campus of The University of Akron

Jeff Young
Too bad its not a guitar or other rock type instrument you could have used the tagline, "Putting the Rock and Roll into the Rocking Roller Coast"

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Bassett and Mendelssohn = B&M

You could say Best Clarinet Recital as voted by the members of a well-known coaster website.

Take a picture of Millennium Force and then Photoshop Clarinets as the supports.
I think something that includes the line: "Arms Down! Arms Down!" would be appropriate! ;) :)


Lord Gonchar said:
Best Clarinet Recital - ON THE PLANET!!!


If you wanna go rebel for the recital I still have the "I like 'em fast"'re welcome to it!

Q: What do Milennium Force and my Clarinet recitals have in common?

A: "They're both smooth, and will rock your world!"

Chad....I bought one. :)

My band director's response to my shirt....

"At least it doesn't say 'I like 'em fast and loose." ;)

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Jeff Young

Not to get personal with you, but I'm curious to know if this is a judgeing performance by teachers, class mates, friends, family etc. Will this performance affect any of your grades and things like that?

Jeff - As a music professor I wish you the best of luck....that is...I hope your instructors are kinder with their grades than I am with mine :)

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Just curious as to what kind (make, model) of clarinet that you play.

If it's a Buffet, do I even need to go there? :)

Yeah is Good!
To answer questions-

Yes, I will be graded on my recital, but from what I've heard, if you've put in the hard work beforehand and do your best, grades aren't a problem. If you're wondering if I should pick serious posters instead of funny ones, pretty much everyone else uses funny posters around the music building and then hangs a serious one on their professor's door. :)

I play a Buffet R13.

Jeff Young

Jeff Young said:

...but from what I've heard, if you've put in the hard work beforehand and do your best, grades aren't a problem.

Not to get off topic, but that's true. Last semester there was only one person who I graded differently than I had already previously decided. But....still play well anyway and tell us how it went :)

Real Cbuzz quote of the day - "The classes i take in collage are so mor adcanced then u could imagen. Dont talk about my emglihs" - Adamforce
Thanks, I was just curious. My family owns a music store and we sell a lot of Buffets. They're good clarinets for sure.

It would be too much of an inside (as in coaster enthusiast) joke to make fun of a coaster event buffet. But you could do something with buffets in general.

"You don't have to watch your fingers with this Buffet, just watch mine."

"This is one Buffet that won't churn your stomach to watch."

"Please keep your head above the sneazeguard."


Yeah is Good!
Interesting to see there's more musician-coasterfans out there.
I'm a classical computer musician, if you will (I do mainly the avantgarde 1950ies and onwards), and I just had a recital last night (Friday 20/10), computer and violin :)
(I didn't have an influence on the poster though)

Your recital program sounds pretty demanding! Clarinet is such a nice instrument.

It could be cool to have the poster play off the similarities between coaster riding and music listening/musical expression - which there are quite a few, once you are sensitised to them - the most notable being that all evolves over time, has a beginning and an end and some sort of dynamic structure.

Maybe you could put a "real" coaster track on the poster, and arrange all kinds of expression marks (dynamics, extended techniques, fermatas etc.) and tempo specifications in a quasi-meaningful way around it.
Of course, a train could be on the track as well (with a note on top such as Berio or Ligeti would write to get a singer doing a scream during a piece :)

OK. that's my spontaneous 5 cent - might be hard to arrange this well on a poster and still stay clear visually (address the people who walk by)

Would probably work best on a series of posters, each of which explore a different aspect/relationship between musical expression and coaster riding... :o) lol

OK - I guess you also need some time to rehearse as well before your concert outside of poster design, right?

Have fun, and good luck with your recital!

airtime for everyone

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