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Since January 31, 2000, it has been the policy of CoasterBuzz to prohibit the promotion of other sites in the forum. Contrary to popular belief, this isn't because I'm scared people will go somewhere else. If that were the case, we certainly wouldn't have a link database of hundreds of other sites or post news items about your sites.

This prohibition has always been a part of our terms of service because the forum is for discussion, not promoting your site or something you're selling. If you have something you think is newsworthy, click the contribute link in the "more" menu and send it in there, and if we feel it's newsworthy, we'll post it. That's the procedure. It has been working well for five years, and I'm not going to change it now.

As stated in the TOS, you may post a link to your site in your signature, but not use promotional language. Three lines maximum. That's the rule. I'm tired of getting complaints from people that say so-and-so does it and we have double standards, or whatever. The moderators and I have lives, and we don't read every post.

From here on out, if we see it, we'll nuke your account. Forums are for discussion, not self-promotion. This is non-negotiable.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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