RCT and Transport Tycoon developer Chris Sawyer working to get games on mobile platforms

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It's been almost ten years since he last shipped a game with his name on it, and Chris Sawyer has returned, having enlisted a London studio called Origin8 to build a remake of Transport Tycoon for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices under his direction.

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I really enjoyed all of Chris Sawyer's games. I've spent countless hours upon hours playing Transport Tycoon, RCT and Locomotion. The games were pretty addictive, it was about gameplay and not about high end graphics. In fact, I kind of liked the isometric look. While he's remaking his games, I would love to see a multiplayer version of RCT 1 or 2. But then, again to may be too addicting.

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What's fascinating is that, even in the late 90's and early 00's, one guy developing a game was insanely rare. Granted, he had someone handle the graphics and sounds, but that core game engine was all him.

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I liked the isometric versions as well. Maybe release RCT 2.1 featuring an updated ride selection and scenery. Something with realistic features unlike the expansion packs.

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