RCDB NEWS!!! (A lot you might know already)

Well if you are not an RCDB person they posted a few possible 08 coasters. http://www.rcdb.com/ir.htm?opened=2008&status=9,13

Also if you didnt know that Wild Escape in WV is getting another roller coaster other than Shock Tower. http://www.rcdb.com/pd1482.htm

Finally openings as you know some parks have already opened like Hollywood the Dream Ride which looks like an ok B&M hyper but the park looks empty, anyone every been there to clarify if it was just a lame day they took the pictures. http://www.rcdb.com/id3621.htm

Please dont say this is old news if you have already heard of all of this stuff, I am just trying to tell anyone who hasnt heard. *** Edited 3/16/2007 1:58:44 AM UTC by Audioslaved***

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Check out the front of the train! That's incrediblly detailed. It's the first time I've ever seen a B&M with speakers in the headrest. I guess we'll see the same seating on the Hard Rock Cafe coaster next year.

That's cool about another coaster listing for Wild Escape, but judging by the website, I wouldn't hold my breath for anything to actually be open this year. Anyone know anything more?

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No Ravine Flyer 2 yet. :(

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i thought wyandot lake was getting a spinner in 08?
It's early, that list is by no means final. RCDB doesn't deal in rumor. Rides don't get listed until they're pretty much a sure thing.

So, just because something for '08 isn't listed yet, doesn't mean it's not happening. It just means there isn't enough official confirmation for it to be listed yet.

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