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Tuesday, March 13, 2001 12:13 PM
As hard as this may seem to believe, it is true. My gym teacher works "in the summer" at Waldameer Park in Erie, PA. Note-That he teaches at a school 5 minutes away from SFWoA. Well he was one of the head cheifs in the Water World part of the park. And today I asked him if he knew anything about the Ravine Flyer 2. He knew about it and he started to tell me all about it. First he said it will be built 2 year from now. Then he said how it was hard for them to build it because of what happened on the first Ravine Flyer. Next he was talking about Magnum and comparing it to it and he said something like "compared to Magnum (10/10) it will be a 8/10." That was really all he knew about it but he told me that he would call his boss to learn more about it. I thought that was pretty cool even though almost everybody knows about it.
Tuesday, March 27, 2001 2:41 PM
I posted a rumor about the park last summer when I e-mailed the park owner. Hear were some replys.

Coastercraver said:
[i"The new woodie is to be built by CCI, and will be open next summer. It is supposed to be over 110 feet high and go down the bluff towards lake Erie, where it wil sweep to the right and go over Peninsula Drive (the road leading into Presque Ilse. It will turn around, come back over the road where it will go around into (possibly) a helix and come back to the station. It will be built right alongside the original Ravin Flyer station (now a picnic pavilion)." i]

Merri Sedai said:
[i"Some additional info: Per Jim Farrell, Amusement Business, who interviewed park owner Paul Nelson for an article in the 8/21 issue: "The Ravine Flyer II will take full advantage of the park's location on a bluff overlooking Lake Erie and Presque Isle State Park featuring drops of 121 and 185 feet, each with tunnels at the bottom. Other highlights will include a 78-foot-tall lift and eight track crossovers. In addition, it will be the only roller coaster in the country to cross a state highway, the four lane Peninsula Drive, the main entrance for the state park. ... Although the exact track length has not been finalized, it will be in the 3,000-fot range." One issue that has not been resolved in the amount of steel to be used. Nelson is quoted as saying, "We have gotten two bids, one for an all steel support structure and a second for steel supports only in the high-stress areas." Farrell reports that these high stress areas include "the bottoms of the drops and the bridge over the highway. The high hills and turnaround would be wood." Cost is projected at four million dollars.i]

Well, I e-mailed Paul Nelson, the park owner again, and he said the park had some difficulties with neighbors not wanting a noisy coasters and stuff like that. I don't think it will be built for a while. Can't wait though!

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