Rare American Eagle early shot with Zonker the dog!

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Very cool! I remember seeing a picture from this day many years ago - so glad another has popped up!

I don't know what's more amazing, Zonker(s?) riding the ride or that beautiful PTC train with NO headrests/side wings (and buzzbars) seemingly flying on a brand spanking new American Eagle helix! Amazing...

Even the tv commercial for the Eagle - the ride already has all the added 'extra hardware' to the trains.

PS - I remember seeing this dog on the ride and whoever was showing the picture said that he didn't like it, and threw up! But this dog used to go to the ACE conventions, there are videos somewhere of him hopping on and off the coasters at Kennywood!

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hen I was a teen, the maintenance guy at Lakemont Park would ride Skyliner with his dog. The dog loved it.

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That dog is actually buried in the turnaround before the lift now. If you look to the left you can see his grave. Kinda eerie, but pretty cool that the dog loved the ride so much.

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^"I don't wanna be buried - in the Pet Semetary..."

Very cool!
I know there was a dog of a crew member @ Lake Winnie - and the dog used to chase the train to the lift!


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