Raptor or Dueling Dragons?

Saturday, May 27, 2000 1:23 PM
It's been 4 years since I rode Raptor, loved it.
2 months ago I rode Dueling Dragons at IOA. Love
them. Question: If you already rode both of them, which do you think is better?
I will be riding Raptor again June 6-8 and can make a better comparison. Made me queasy first time, but was first time ever on an inverted.:)
Saturday, May 27, 2000 2:44 PM
I personally think the best inverted out there is the Raptor. It has 3 elements that make it stand out form the rest.

1. the unbeatable first drop (gets my stomach every time!)
2. the airtime just befor the final inversion. How many inverteds do you know have airtime!
3. the AWSOME helix at the end. The only thing I can compare this one to is the turn on Fire that creats the g-forces.

Saturday, May 27, 2000 5:52 PM
I really want to experience Dueling Dragons, I can't wait, I'm going during Christmas Break. But CPCyclone?? If I may, I would like to add to your list for Raptor.
4. The drop out of the twist to the straight away before the Cobra. WOW!! Talk about speed!! The blur of the turnpike cars underneath.
5. The Cobra, as smooth as (Stuart Scott, ESPN) Butta!
6. When the breaks hit at the end and you are in the last car. Talk about ribs through the shoulder harness!! I think, although rough, it is a great part of the ride...it puts the exclaimation point on it.
I totally agree with #2 in your list, the airtime is something I didn't feel on Montu or Alpengeist.
Jetz, tell us a little about Fire & Ice, does it have these elements on the rides??

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Saturday, May 27, 2000 6:10 PM
Haven't been on Raptor but Montu is my favorite Invert that I have had the pleasure to ride. But I think if you compare Montu to a single Dragon Montu wins But if you were to compare Montu vs. The Dragons together I think that The Dragons win by a landslide. I mean look at them they are an engineering marvel two Inverts that twist within each other several times and come within feet(literally) of each other three times. Both of wich are awesome Coasters themselves. Not to mention the themeing that came with the ride. From the second you see the entrance to the second you walk back out the exit you are amazed.
Nothing beats the view from the front seat of the fire dragon. Especially in the Vertical loop For the few split seconds in wich you see the ice dragon coming right at you only to have your stomach drop into your seat with the g forces at the beginning of the loop as you see 64 feat fly vertical right in front of your eyes.
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Saturday, May 27, 2000 6:23 PM
I felt great airtime on Fire Dragon after the immelian (sp?) which is the first inversion in the ride. The train just goes up, crests over the Ice Dragon (doing an inline twist under you), and heads towards the next element.

Raptor to Dueling Dragons. Hmmm, they seem like such different rides, but I would have to pick Raptor. This thing was amazing, beginning to end.
Sunday, May 28, 2000 8:51 AM
I've only met one person who has been on them all, and he said that Raptor's pacing is what make it stand out. He felt the Dragons had momentary "dead time," as did Alpengeist. He put Montu as a close second.

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Sunday, May 28, 2000 11:42 AM
The only real "dead time" I felt on the Dragons was when the coaster is heading right towards the other coaster, and up into the loop. It's just a bunch of strait track. I thought it was pretty intense seeing that other train flying towards you though.

Also, another thing, does D.Dragons have trims anywhere? I don't remember any at all except at the end.
Sunday, May 28, 2000 12:23 PM
One of the things that stand out in mind is when you are up front, you "hang" over the midway for about 2 seconds before you drop. You get to see all of the "ants".
Sunday, May 28, 2000 6:09 PM
As I said before, I do remember Raptor as being
an awesome ride, but again, 4 yrs. ago and only once.........With all these other comments, I'm looking foward to it again and again next week.
I've also been on all three, and next week it will
be all three within 3 months and I'll report on my opinions then......But, the element of suprise racing toward the other train on Ice does make up for the "dead time" IMHO.-----------
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