Raptor Jo's CP closing weekend sagas

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Friday, Saturday and Sundays TRs are here:
Enjoy! :)

Thanks to all the CB'ers who stopped by to say hi when I was working on Raptor or running around the park!! :)
BF and I will be hitting up some west coast parks this winter-woo hoo!
Have a great winter and CUATCP next year! :)

2000/2002 Raptor Crew
Lifetime Raptor flights: 708 :)

It's all about getting around the barrels or over the fences, right leads, no faults, fastest time and still looking pretty when done. What's so hard about that? :)

Hehe. No wonder. I was there on 10/26 and I was looking for you..(via name tag since I dont know you :)) I was on Raptor right about the time you were eating (How dare you! ;)) So...What happened?...How long will you be down?...How long have you been down?...When will you be back up?...Is it broken?...Are there people still stuck on that train over there?...and Can we still wait in line? :) I'm sorry cornier then you know what but I couldnt resist!

We have waited all through the years for the 6 jokers cards...Carnival of Carnage, the Ringmaster, the Riddlebox, the Great Milenko, the Amazing Jeckel Brothers and now the 6th and Final card...the Wraith. What will happen now?

Kewl trs Jo! We (me and my gf) met you at HW a few weeks ago and it was great seeing you on Raptor last weekend.You really look like you were having a great time!! We waved at you but you were in the control room you smiled at us but I didnt know if you really remembered us. We actually saw quite a few people we met at HW at CP-kind of scary!! We also saw a couple of the people we run from too-we ran before they saw us! Even with a few beers we couldnt do it-we ran again. But it was nice meeting a true coaster/cp celebrity and hopefully we'll see ya again sometime. My gf still wants your buttoon btw!! And dont forget her when you have your next Discovery special-you promised her! You are proof that a female enthusiast can be a hoot and CAN be a babe! ;)
Check your email we sent you a pic!

No more WOW from O&A
So where's Norton??

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