Raptor "Blue" coming to Islands of Adventure Jurassic Park

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From the blog post:

Heads up, dino-fans—there’s a new, fan-favorite carnivore at Universal Orlando Resort. From the Jurassic World films, Blue the Velociraptor has made her debut at Raptor Encounter in Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Read more from the official Universal Orlando Blog.

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Haven't checked out the new encounter but I'd imagine it's very similar to the previous one which is really fun. Don't skip it!

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The new raptors are much larger and have a lot more articulation. I have yet to make it over there to see them in person but a friend of mine worked on the project and from what she has already shown me, it looks very awesome. I am glad they made the change for now to this new version.


Just saw this video on youtube yesterday

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be the puppeteer on that one? Startle people all day long.

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That girl in the video is a good friend of mine. Neat.

From what I have been told this new raptor is very difficult to operate and extremely hot with no air movement. So I think the job would be fun for about the first 15 minutes and then it would be like any other costumed character outside in the sun.


I'm an idiot. I saw the words "Raptor" and "Blue" and thought they were re-installing Ice Dragon/Hungarian Horntail.

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Ha! Which would not be the one to re-install given the choice. Red side, Firecracker Chinese Dragon Something-Something was where it was at.

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I always preferred Ice. But I rode both one time each 18 years ago, so take that for what it's worth.

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I always preferred Fire until about 2 visits ago when I really started enjoying Ice more.

Still really disappointed that they were removed. It was such a great attraction.


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Seriously impressive what can be engineered these days. And hilarious watching kids react to it.

I don't think raptor encounter was there when I went about 15 years ago, I have no memory of it. Looking at videos of the old version, this is many times better. The old raptor didn't look quite right.

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Raptor Encounter wasn’t available when we went in January. Was kinda bummed because it looked really cool. Smart that the new Blue raptor stays in the bushes because the legs never looked right in videos of the old raptor.

But then again, what do I know?

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