Rampage Reopens!

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Rampage has reopened at Alabama Splash Adventure.

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When I first saw the thread title, I assumed it was a zombie thread from late last year.

Heard great things, hoping to get there sometime soon...

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I've ridden it on two separate occasions and thought it was very good, but not great. The operations had me scared for my life though. Regardless of all the family drama, the world can always use more well maintaned wooden coasters.

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That's really great to hear, as it really is a great coaster. Got to ride it about...like 15 times in one day on a short road trip in '09 when we went there. There was one rough spot where it would jackhammer at the bottom of a drop, but that was the only truly rough spot on a really fun layout.

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Rampage opened to the public on May 23, 2015 and from what I have been told, it is running better than ever. I've gotten to ride it many times in 2015 and the team at Alabama Splash Adventure has done an amazing job with this coaster!

I never got to ride it prior to 2014, so I can't compare it now to how it was at VisionLand/Alabama Adventure. However, as I mentioned about, people say it is better now than it was back then, and also running faster than ever! With a fully rebuilt train, new uplift steel, and a head maintenance person who treats the coaster like his own child, those statements do not surprise me.

In fact, the coaster is now one of my Top Three Wooden Coasters, the other two being Ravine Flier II and Phoenix. And the ride keeps improving! It is currently ranked at #28 in the Amusement Today rankings, and I wouldn't be surprised if the ranking improved in the coming years as more enthusiasts make the trip to Alabama to ride it (again).

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Thanks for the update, Dan Koch...

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No, actually, it's Avalanche Sam. Same address. Even used his college alumni email. Still needs to get a life. At least he got his name right.

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