Rainy Day CP: 7/19

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We were planning to go down for ERT, but decided to wait the morning rain out and go in the afternoon instead. Stayed dry, and the park was very quiet, though Maverick was still pulling a one hour line consistently while we were there. When we drove by, both on our way in and back out, MF looked to be about 1/2 hour---only the final switchback in use, and with only two trains on.

Post Magnum's impression of The Ghost of Dodgem II, CP is now running single-train operation in the slightest hint of rain on at least Magnum (no surprise), Mean Streak, and Mine Ride. Blech. But, strangely enough, not Gemini. Don't know about any of the others, as we never made it out of the back 1/3 of the park.

Maverick was a hoot; this was my first chance at getting on this season. For some reason, I've not been to CP much this summer---too much else to do. I was in the last row on the gunmetal train, and it had a nasty vibration. Hopefully just a bum wheel. Despite that, it was a real winner---just fun from start to finish.

Honestly, wouldn't cutting to two trains in rain and leaving an extra block in between the trains be sufficient? I mean the ride operated for over 17 seasons with three trains in the rain and never slipped through a block. I have my doubts as to whether the rain caused even this one incident.

But now they think it's going to somehow slip through TWO blocks at the same time!? Give me a break. Going to one train, especially with the effort required to go down to one and get back up to three on Magnum or Iron Dragon or Corkscrew, is simply ridiculous. Fix the real problem for the love of god.


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Did Magnum ever get its third train back?
Yes. When it was threatening, two were on transfers, with one on the course. Once things dried off, a second was put on the course.

Carowinds does the one train post rain thing too. They did it on Hurler, Cyclone, Vortex, etc. but not Top Gun or BORG. Seems like overkill.
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Magnum has had its third train back for about a month now.

When it's threatening? So maybe when there is a "danger" that it might start raining really hard, they don't want to risk having two trains anywhere remotely close to each other. Goodness, you could just close the ride altogether...

It's magnetic brake time!

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