Rain, Rain go away! The Point 5-13-02

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Tuesday, May 14, 2002 12:28 PM

I certainly picked the right day for my first trip to the Point this year (end sarcasm). Being from Illinois, that couldn't be helped much, as it was cool and rainy all day, but I wasn't going to let that spoil my fun. Got to the park about an hour and a half after opening to find that Raptor, MF, Gemini and some other rides were "closed temporarily" and should be back up "later in the day" according to guest relations. I got my pass processed, which didn't take long at all, then we proceeded to Wicked Twister for my first ride of the trip.

I really liked Wicked Twister. I was quite surprised that there was barely a line, since MF had a huge one later in the day. This ride is very "snappy" which I enjoyed and there is a lot more rotation than on S:UE or V2. I still prefer the holding brake of the previous versions but this was a good ride. We rode twice during the day and I definitely liked the back more. Minor gripe: they have to recheck the whole train anytime they have to release one harness instead of using the manual release on one car. They had to do this 3 times on the train before mine, which definitely raised the load times.

DT was our next stop, with its new 3-D effects. The ride was running well and the queue is definitely more fun now. A small warning though, standing in black lights for 20+ minutes can be a little hard on the eyes.

Magnum was running well, and they didn't staple me for the first time ever, which was nice.

Blue Streak still giving lots of nice air time and was a walk on.

Raptor didn't open till around 3 but was a good ride nonetheless. Gemini didn't open at all from what I could tell and neither did Mean Streak. (no tears were shed for missing MS :) although I was sad about Gemini)

Millennium Force opened late and had hour+ lines because they ran with one train all day. So much for everyone who says Cedar Point never runs with one train on anything meant to have more than one. The one train operation was a bit irritating, but given the valley this weekend and the weather I wasn't too bothered. They move their lines fast enough there that you don't mind as much. Another minor gripe: My friend had an umbrella that wouldn't fit in a locker at MF and the only place the ride ops said he could leave it was by Demon Drop. They might want to have some longer skinny lockers or something for odd shaped items. MF was running slow, as could be expected due to the weather conditions, but even "slow" she is still hauling. I love this ride!

I have never been to CP on a rainy day before so I was surprised to find they had so many puddle issues. There were lots of places in the midway and in ride lines that had huge puddles of standing water. Power Tower was absolutely horrible near their soda machines and people were actually shimmying on the slippery queue rails to get around the small pond on the ground. That was just an accident waiting to happen.

Overall, a surprising day: cruddy weather, late openings and some things not opening, one train on MF, but still a pretty good time. I hope to get out there when the weather is nice and the park is at its best.

Tuesday, May 14, 2002 6:12 PM
I'm glad you didn't let the rain stop you...I did. :-(
We were going to head out there Sun. PM for Mon. from PA but, the idea of an 8 hour ride in the pouring rain was not appealing at all.

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