Radio Infomercial : Perilous Plunge

Thursday, April 5, 2001 2:13 PM
Some will agree (those that have seen or heard them) that KBF has very aggressive promotions and adds. Just yesterday, I heard their latest add/promotion for Perilous Plunge, which they just released on the radio. I've ridden the plunge already, but this promotion is delish and makes me wanna ride again! The promotions were held back because they knew the public wouldn't seek out a water ride in the colder months (It opened September 15, 2000. The narration is below and imagine sounds of screaming riders in the background.

- Question . . .

- How do you top Supreme Scream . . .
- the tallest descending thrill-ride in the country . . .

(High tech mix of screaming riders, compressed air, and fast zooming sounds)

- How do you beat a world-class coaster like GhostRider . . .
- the number one rated wooden roller coaster in the world . . .

(High tech mix of screaming riders, roaring coaster train on wood track)

- Simple

(Gradually increasing sound effects)

- You build Perilous Plunge . . .
- the tallest ('boom' sound) steepest ('boom' sound) and wettest water ride in the world . . .

(High tech mix of screaming riders, plummeting boat, sploosh and splash sounds)

- You'll plummet down a 115 foot drop at a near vertical 75 degrees . . .

(More mix of splashing and screaming sound effects)

- And when you hit bottom . . .
- You'll make a towering four storey splash . . .


- Knott's newest world-class ride

- It'll push you over the edge

- Check out all of Knott's world-class thrills like Perilous Plunge, GhostRider, and Supreme Scream

[Ralphs discount ticket promotional offer narration]
[End Infomercial]
Saturday, April 7, 2001 10:05 PM
AT Knotts today, no one including myself was willing to ride because it was so cold and no one wanted to get that wet. That ride gets you more than just wet, every part of you will be soaked. But a fun ride!

Home Park: Knotts Berry Farm!
but also Disneyland and DCA
Sunday, April 8, 2001 12:02 AM
I suggest just wearing a bathing suit on the ride, then changing later. This ride is the equivalent of jumping in a pool of water!

Favorite parks:
Knott's Berry Farm
Alton Towers
Cedar Point
Saturday, April 14, 2001 10:28 AM
I found the best way to tide this thing. Buy the 5.00 Poncho, ride it three times. Do this at about 11, walk over to Montezumas and you'll be good to go.

Oooooh, my freekin' head.... Too many G's Too many G's! No, no, Too much Beer before the G's! Home Park: Knott's Berry Farm

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