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I made a trip to Qutar last week. I had few days off to relax. So I decided to look and see if there were any roller coasters there. After a quick search on RCDB I found that there was only one coaster.

I thought, "hey cool, I can ride a coaster here!" but that didn't last long. I clicked on the pictures on RCDB and got this


AHHHHHHH! Not a Boomerang! this is the ride that replaced the Zinger namesake of mine. So I didn't bother making the trip. I instead went in to downtown Doha. it is a very nice modern city.

They have a huge mall called the City Center Mall. it has a 5 story Ice Slide in it. you hop on a innertube and fly down this hill of ice. it was pretty fun. and much better than a boomerang. it was so fast I almost broke my glasses on the pads at the end of the slide. *** Edited 3/14/2005 5:57:44 PM UTC by ZambeziZinger***

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Do you go to Qatar often? If not, why didn't you get the credit?


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You can relax in the middle east?
Qutar is a lot better than Iraq. No mortars going off near by :) so yes I can relax there. its a very safe crime free country.

as for the credits, it would have been very difficult and stressing to put that trip together. that is why I didn't bother with it. I didn't need extra stress, so I sat by the nice pool :)

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Bah, it's more fun credit whoring... :)

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