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Wednesday, June 18, 2003 10:04 PM
I am dumb. I got the bright idea of heading over to SFMM after work (I got out of work early, about 6:45, as compared to my usual 8ish) and after about an hour on the freeway, I made it there, got a really good parking spot, and headed in. I thought, "Wednesday night, won't be crowded, good times!" I forgot that almost all the public schools started vacation this week. Lotsa kids, lotsa teenagers, but thankfully, it was emptying out significantly by 8pm.

As expected for a Wed., X is closed. Didn't see Deja Vu running, but never went over to that part of the park either, so I can't really say that it was closed.

Goliath up first, while walking towards it, a guy offered me his unused fastlane pass. I feel sorta bad using it, but hey. Get into the last car line, some people about 4 carloads ahead are looking for someone to go in front of them, and apparently everyone else was in groups trying to get themselves onto the same train. Two cycles later, I'm on.

Notable, though is that while they were only running two trains, the storage shed was empty. Where do the other train go? I would imagine that if it was standard refurb, they would do that during the offseason instead of during summer break...

Off to Colossus as the skies grew darker. I don't think I've ridden Colossus at night, and wow! I'm shocked, it was actually fun! It seemed MUCH faster than any other time I'd ridden it, and there was...dare I say it...airtime! At least until the MCBR, but even the second turnaround was fast with some laterals. It was fun for once!

Next is Scream, running only 2 trains instead of 3, first time I've seen that since it opened. Didn't seem to really affect throughput though, and got through the line in 15 minutes.

Headed back for a night ride on Goliath, about 35 minute wait, good times.

That's about it. Main point being, where did the other Goliath train go and when did Colossus become fun?


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