Quick TR: Coney Island 4/9/05

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Firstly, I walked - if you read my 'walk to CI' TR from last year not a
whole lot has changed - took 4 hours and 10 minutes from my house to the
Stillwell station (I take a scenic route, and a more direct route would take
me just about 3 hours. And yes I'm crazy).

Beautiful day - sunny, blue skies, probably in the mid-fifties at Coney
proper. Nice crowd for this early in the year, but nothing overwhelming.
The parks department got an infusion of money and have opened up the comfort
stations (restrooms) on the boardwalk much earlier this year - as public
bathrooms go they're pretty nice and definitely leaps and bounds above
Astroland and Deno's 25cent stalls.

The Good News:
Cyclone - took 6 spins (took advantage of the reride option) - all rides in
second to last seat. Happy to say that Mom is running VERY well,
definitely picked up in speed from opening day and still very smooth in
non-axle seats (people that rode in the backseat behind me were resounding
in their moans and owws - amatuers). From the look of it, some additional
trackwork has been done in the last few weeks as well.

All rides were running, TopSpin2 (great program again), Zipper, Flume,
Saturn 6, B&B Carousel. I didn't see a single attraction closed. The Kin'
Folk soul food stand is open again too!

The Bad News:
Not a whole lot, but Nick's Greasy Spoon is gone and the building is for
sale. The entrance way and hallway to the Stillwell Ave station still look
a long way from completion. I am unclear what the timeline is for
completion (I thought it was May), but it still looks like a long way to
go - the front facade is really nice though. The Jumbo Jet site is still
sitting empty with no signs of life and the level of garbage throughout
Coney is still really nasty.

Long Live the Saturn 6! and thanks for reading
Jim 'jimvid' McDonnell

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I hate you! ;)
Ah can't wait to visit!

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

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