Quick Question about Fright Fest At Six Flags Great America.

Hello everybody,

I am brand new to this forum but I am an avid rollercoaster fan. I have been to Six Flags Great America at least a dozen times but I have never been to Fright Fest there. I am going this weekend (Saturday) and I had a quick question. Are all of the rollercoasters open or just a select few?

Any other advice you guys could give me regarding fright fest in general would also be greatly appreciated.



This migh help you some:


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^Exactly, the good news is they should be, the bad news is the entire Milwaukee/Chicago coridor will likely be there. However, the cold weather should discourge a lot of people, or at least that is my hope as Im off the Sandusky tomorrow.

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^^ Cold weather should discourage a lot of people. My family was planning to go this weekend, but we decided to beg off and get a room in the Dells at Mount Olympus/Treasure Island/ whatever the heck they call it. Indoor waterpark and indoor coaster for the win! And maybe the outdoor coasters might be open for a quick lap ;)

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I was at Great America last weekend, and all the coasters were running with the exception on DejaVu.

Crowds weren't bad in the morning, but got busier later in the afternoon/evening.

With the colder temps this weekend, I would also expect that crowds will be lighter.

Crowds at CP tonite were actually more than I would have expected with the temps, but still had a good night.

I wouldn't completely rule out large crowds on Saturday and Sunday regardless of weather.

I have been to past years Fright Fests when the temps are in the 30's with light rain and wind. The crowds still showed up.

It seems FF is immune to weather. People just dress accordingly and go.

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In 1994 I went to SFGA on a Friday Afternoon for Frightfest and the crowds were Minimal, but that may have been due to sheer luck! (Once I visited Magic Kingdom during Christmas Week and found the Park was almost Deserted! (The previous two days the Evening News reported that they had to turn guests away after the Parking Lots filled up.) The day after I visited the Park filled up again!)

On the flip side of things in 1993 I was in Dallas in March of 1993 and I only had one day to visit SFOT. As my luck would have it it turned out to be cold and rainy with a high of 53. I look at the bright side of things and figure the sloppy weather would keep the crowds down right? WRONG! By 3:00 PM their Parking Lot was full and they were turning guests away! The only explanation I can figure out is everyone had the same idea about the crowds being down, consequently everybody showed up!

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I was at FF on Friday 10/13 and the park wasnt that busym but it was busier than i thought it would be considering the eather in the 30's with windy conditions.
Every coaster was open execpt DeJaVu and the lines were short at the beginning and got longer as the day went on and were about 30 minutes at the end of the day for Batman/Raging Bull.
I think Sat will be much busier than it was today as is usually the case.

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