Quick observations from PKI trip: 14 May

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005 7:52 PM
First thing I noticed was that they fixed Drop Zone so that it actually turns while on the way up. I don't think I ever saw it do that last year.

Son of Beast seemed even more rough this year. Last year I actually liked the first half until after the loop now all I really like is the first drop and hill with the nice bank into the first helix and then the loop.

Beast was giving excellent rides again and I got three awesome night rides! That ride at night is pure roller coaster bliss!

Flight of Fear is still running well and I love that ride in the front seat.

Racer backwards is the bomb and they do the best they can to continually race the two trains! Good on ya, PKI!

Got a ride on IJ:ST and I thought it was a fun ride but, yes it is rather short. Families are going to love this one. It really is fun, I just wanted more of it. No stair affects or fishtailing, infact when you go down into the "subway" they don't even have stairs "set-up" or built. I thought they would at least have something like that to give the impression you were going down some stairs...oh well. The helicopter scene is done pretty well with lots of water spraying and explosions. The blast into the tunnel from there is one of the best parts of the ride but is over very quickly. The trains are sweet looking and it is extremely smooth. All in all it is a winner and since I love coasters I like it a lot better than the Antique Cars that used to be there.

The other observation about this ride is that the Flying Eagles site wasn't even touched! They could have easily left that ride right where it was at no problem. Man, I miss that ride...

Everything else seemed to be up and running to full capacity and as far as I can remember Tomb Raider is still running the same sequence as last year. The shows in the queue lines have been updated with some nice clips from Napolean Dynamite!

Have fun riding and thanks for reading!

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