Quick Knoebels visit 8-20-16

Arrived 4:30 pm.

Went right to Phoenix and only one train operation on a Saturday in August is disappointing. Train was stuck on the brake run for 10 - 15 minutes. They cycled the empty train several times, and then reopened. With the addition of the air gates it seemed to slow down loading(Good thing they didn't add seatbelts.) I'd think that the addition of the air gates would have to do with an insurance requirement. I liked it the old way, but understand why they were added.

Rode in seat 2-1. It was enjoyable. There was a lot of new track from the last turnaround to the brake run. It's seems like the entire track has been rebuilt over the past several seasons resulting in a very smooth ride. One of my favorites, and my reason for making the trip today. I don't want to be the typical enthusiast and complain, but it does seem as though some of the airtime I remember as more intense isn't what it used to be. Anyone else been there recently and can offer their opinion?

Rode the Black Diamond in the last row(only other ride without too bad of a line.) I loved this ride when it was in Wildwood, and I love the remodel that Knoebels has done with it. I just wish it had a few outdoor sections like the Golden Nugget. It's a classic that can't be missed.

All the other lines were long. The only other ride I took was on the Carousel. A must do. The haunted house's queue was full, and as was twister. Even flat rides that doesn't usually have a long wait were full. Guess I am more used to the spring and fall crowds, but those have been growing over the past several years too.

It was around 6:30 by this time, and we went to eat dinner at the Alamo. We love eating there, and have at least one meal there every time we visit. Good food at reasonable prices.

We left the park around 8 pm to head home.

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